Monday, October 28, 2013

Relief Society Activities

 November of 2011 I was called as the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society. I loved my calling... I was over the monthly activities. It was so much fun! I loved serving the sisters in our ward. I served with an amazing RS activities committee and we had a great time planning activities. I loved serving with the rest of the presidency; Helen Ritter (President), Teresa Leishmann (1st counselor), and Michelle Todd (secretary). They are amazing women and love them forever.

As Tad got busier and busier as Bishop it was harder to serve in the RS presidency. I still loved it but when the release of the calling came in Oct 2013 it was bitter sweet. I was excited about more free time but I knew I would miss serving in the Presidency... and I do miss it.

Here are some of my favorites activities over the years. In no particular order here you go...

Relief Society Birthday/ Talent show for the sisters in the ward.
I loved this one. A ton of sisters participated and it was great displays of talents as well as performed talents.

Hair by Jillonie

Food cooked by talented sisters

Clothes sewn by Jen Schumann

Dolls by Linda Wishart

Cards by Brooke Rasmussen

Art by Merrick White

Emily Camp's graphics design

A skit with moms at the playground

 There was so much more... it was awesome.

 Garage sale... we had all the sisters clean out their closets and bring it to the church for a massive garage sale. You could take whatever you liked home with you. Then whatever was left (which was a ton) we donated it to the DI. It was so fun.

Picnic outside. Enjoying the BBQ sandwiches and playing hula hoop. We also had a project inside that would help women with breast cancer.

Blanket making. It was a tradition in our ward to make blankets for the blanket drive every year. This is always fun to get together and sew and chat!

  Christmas celebration. This year we did a little program called "The Women who Knew Christ". It had singing and people speaking all about Christ. It was very spiritual and their was so much talent in our ward.

Gratitude brunch for all those that serve in the RS board. Teresa makes up an amazing spread of food and we get to come together and enjoy it.

 Family Home Evening Boards. This was one of my favorites because I really wanted to make a board for my family.

Emergency Preparedness Night. Richard King came and spoke to us all about getting prepared. It was really informative.

The Sacrament. Pres. Richardson spoke to us all about the sacrament and the symbols and Melissa Richardson spoke to us about how to keep our kids reverent! Loved it.

Pool Party. Our annual pool party. Fun times at my house just to play and eat!

Cultural Night. We asked sisters to bring food from their culture and then we were taught in different classes about certain sisters cultures.

We had a cooking class

And a polynesian dance class

I loved this calling and all the fun activities I was involved in. There were so many more activities I loved, too. I loved seeing the rooms full of sisters chatting away and bonding. I felt the sisterhood so strongly in the Relief Society.