Sunday, September 8, 2013

School Starts

End of Summer means start of school! Saxon starts 1st grade with Ms. Austin, Micah starts kindergarten with Ms. Penniston, Dane starts a preschool at Newland with Ms Kim. 

The Day before school starts the Kindergarteners get to go meet their teacher and see their classroom. Micah was so excited. 

 Then the next day the real 1st day of school Micah and Saxon were off. Yes Micah is wearing the same shirt... he really likes it ;)

 Dane started his preschool and really liked it too. He carpooled with Ivy, June, and Cali.

After school Micah couldn't wait to start his homework. YES!!! this is going to be a great year.

Dane loved it! And Saxon loved it! Yeah for great days at school.

Micah loved school so much that he got up the next day and was ready and out the door 1 hr before school started 7 am. HA! He had a lot of waiting to do. I hope this love for school continues. BTW, he wanted straight hair. NO! I can comb it down for a second but happy for us Micah's curls will always come thru. Saxon was also ready to go back to school with a smiling face. Love it!