Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Some Precious moments

 The spring of 2013 brought us some precious moments.

The whole family helped out at Mormon Helping Hands. We had so much fun cleaning a local youth shelter. It makes us all feel so good when we serve.

 The boys got to go on the annual Father's Son Camp out. They had a blast running around crazy at the central park. Kylie and I got to go out with some friends at Stone Fire Grill.

Being without Tad on the pew at church with the kids is hard. I thought of a way to bribe the kids to be good. GUM. They love it. So I told the kids if they were good they could have a piece of Gum. Well Saxon and Kylie were the only ones that earned the Gum. Micah and Dane were so sad. Saxon felt so bad for them that he split the gum that he earned with them. LOVE that! So Christ like. Thanks Saxon for being such a great brother and such a great example to me.

 Mother's Day. This Mother's Day Tad gave a talk and talked about the Mother's in his life. He gave a great talk and talked so sweetly about me. A little embarrassing but he was so sweet. Love him.
Grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It brings me so much joy in so many ways.