Monday, November 19, 2012

Park days.

I have always been a park mom. I love taking my kids to the park. We get to run around, burn energy, and enjoying the outside. Then the obsession came... swings. Kylie started it! She started loving the swings and wanted to swing the whole time.. then the boys followed her and all they wanted to do was swing. This ruined everything. They were not running around, not burning energy, and I was not enjoying the outside because I was stuck pushing swings!

Then it happened... Micah stepped up and changed our park days. He learned how to push so the other kids can swing.

Then he learned how to PUMP!! So he can swing without me too.

Micah for sure saved park days for all of us!

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The Yuan Fam said...

Maya will get that someday!! I love the park like you do/did/do :-) and its the best when kids discover how much they can do on their own. THE BEST!!