Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Valentines day!

So late... but I had to document my attempt.
I was stuck on the boat (carnival Cruise) for Valentines Day so I did not ever get to actually make my kids cute little v-day cards this year but I was going to be crafty and have the kids holding the lollipops in there hands... here are the pictures I took of them. They are so cute. Bummed I never got to do it. Next year for sure!

 Love these kids!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

talk about rocking the boat....

Arriving at home after this crazy adventure on the cruise ship was great. I felt like I was able to see the world in a whole new light. I looked at the house that we were building as a huge blessing (in which it really is). I was getting so consumed with all the many decisions we were having to make that I had forgotten the blessing of it. We had prayed for over 2 years for this house and now we had it. I needed to appreciate the fact that we had such an amazing opportunity to make the house of our dreams. My eyes teared up in gratitude every time I stopped at it to make a decision... it was a miracle in our lives.

Before the boat my 4 small kids were driving me bonkers. I was trying to get done all the stuff I needed to get done and they seemed just in the way. When I got back I realized they are the most important things in my life and yes they take up 99.9% of my time and effort but they are 100% worth it. Tad and I had tried for 5 years to have kids and then within 3 yrs 9 months I had an explosion of kids! I was reminded of that and thanked my Father up in Heaven everyday for the blessing it was to care for these precious little children. I had a deeper love for my family.

My heart was full of gratitude. I would pray at night and thank Heavenly Father for all the amazing things he has given to me in my life and ask if there is anything that I can help him with.

Well... be careful what you ask for....

While I was gone on the Ship we had Stake Conference and our Bishop of our Ward had been called to the Stake Presidency. This meant that our Ward was without a Bishop (which is like not having a Pastor or someone that leads the congregation). We got a call from our past Bishop and he said that he needed to met with us. Well, we said of course, thinking that Tad was going to be released from his calling as the executive secretary.

So we met Bishop/ Pres. Ward Feb 25th and along with him came the President of the Stake Pres. Johnson. We got a little nervous with both being there. They asked if we could go down to the stake Center and talk. On the 2 minute car ride to the church we got REALLY nervous. Then we met with the Stake President and Pres. Ward and they released Tad as the executive secretary and then extended a call from the Lord to have Tad serve as the the Next Bishop of the HB 4th ward.

Talk about rocking the boat.... This was very unexpected. I was serving as the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society, we have 4 small children 6,4,4, and 2 years old. We were in the middle of heavy construction, and Tad has a very demanding job. We were shocked. Tad just started to cry and cry and cry. He didn't stop for 2 hours. We both felt humbled that the Lord would call Tad at this time and have enough faith that we could handle this calling at this time in our crazy lives. As much as this was a complete shock to both of us we knew that it was the Lords plan.

I am forever grateful for my experience on the Carnival Cruise line to prepare me for this event in my life. I know that if I didn't have that experience a couple weeks before I would have probably folded over in my chair and died. Bishops are volunteering there time (many many hours a week) and efforts to the church and I didn't realize Tad or me had any time or effort left in our busy busy lives. I want to apologize to the other 3999 people on the cruise line for what they had to go through so that I could be mentally prepared for what I was about to go through.

I am know that Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives that Tad is meant to help lead and serve the members of the HB 4th ward at this time. I am grateful that my loving Heavenly Father knows me in a way that the only way he could prepare me for such a change in my life was to put me on a cruise ship that was stranded out in sea. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it to be true.

We told our parents to come to see Tad get called as Bishop and so we were able to have a great weekend with family.

 We were also given our first assignment by the Stake President. This was to cute Saxon's hair. ;) So we did!

March 3rd (yep happy 33rd birthday to me!) Tad was called as Bishop. Life (again) would never be the same. ;)
Justin Schmidt (2nd Counselor), Tad (Bishop), Tyler Moffett (Executive secretary), Mark Messick (1st counselor..out of the picture) Already on assignment.
 Then after all the craziness of the day I was able to celebrate my birthday a little bit by having some yummy food and cake ;) Glad I wasn't forgotten.