Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Dane!

 In January we celebrated Dane's Birthday. Turning 4, Dane is obsessed with Lego's. So guess what he got for his birthday! Lego's!

In fact, My mom bought some Lego guys in the mail and slowly they came one by one. It was like it was his birthday for weeks...

Then.... He got to go to LEGO LAND.  We went with the whole family. The kids had so much fun and Dane was in Heaven.



We had a great day. We are so grateful for Dane in our family. He is such a peaceful boy. He loves to play, have fun with friends, go to preschool, and enjoy life. He is so sweet and kind to others. He is such a joy. We love you Dane. Happy 4th Birthday.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 2013

 January was full of fun.

I signed the boys up for skate lessons with Coach Joey. We loved him. He was so fun and great with the boys. They all loved it. Even Kylie our little girl was getting brave.

It wouldn't be January if we didn't enjoy the beautiful beach days in Huntington Beach.


We enjoyed the beautiful days at the park.
 At Saxon's school families are able to come visit the kids during lunch and eat with them. This is so fun for our family. Kylie and I tried to visit Saxon during lunch when Micah and Dane were in Preschool.

 Disneyland Days. We were excited to go to Disneyland when the crowds  left and we enjoyed the park again.


 And... guess who lost their first tooth! Saxon! He was so excited. The tooth fairy came and gave him a two dollar bill.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fun happening all the way to 2013

 We were lucky enough to stay up in San Jose for a week. We had so much fun.
We rode the light rail up to the discovery museum.

They explored the Children's Discovery Museum

We sang Karaoke at night at as a family.

 We went to Happy Hollow and enjoyed the rides there.

 We ate yummy food the whole week ;)
 Can't forget the ATV rides whenever there was a spare moment.

 One great gift my parents gave to the grand kids was a $5 gift card to McDonald's. This was huge for the kids. It let them buy their very own Happy Meal which never happens. They had so much fun.

We made Carmel apples.. yum! And my mom found these super cute little chef hats and aprons for the kids.

 We got to do relive my childhood... by biking the Almaden trail and hiking my parents land.

 We then made it to New years Eve. April and John made it to San Jose (from Japan) and got to bring in the New Year with us. They even spoiled my kids with super cute Super Hero PJ's. We had so much fun hanging as a family with our noise makers, hats, sparklers, and Sparkling Cider!

 Cheers to all. Hope you had a fabulous 2012 and here is to making 2013 unforgettable!