Friday, August 24, 2012

Golden Spoon

We love Golden Spoon. One Monday for FHE Tad surprised the family with Golden Spoon. Such a great treat for all of us!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy 13th Anniversary

August 17th Tad and I celebrated our 13th Anniversary. We celebrated with some of our most favorite people at the Rain Forest Cafe. It was little crazy with our 4 kids and a neighbor friend But we had a fun time!

Then the next night we got to celebrate Julie's birthday and our Anniversary with some of our other favorite people the Beutlers and the Jensens. It was a fun weekend!

I Love you, Tad!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Love Visitors

We love our visitors and always have so much fun. It is usually too much fun that I forget to take any pictures. I managed to get a couple! We were thrilled this summer to get to play with Giff and Jenna and family for a day. We played a lot in Hawaii when we both did not have any children and now it is so fun to see our kids play together. Giff and Tad went golfing in the afternoon and Jenna and I took the kids to the beach.

Here is Maddox and Saxon catching a wave together. They look like twins!

 At the beginning of August we had so much fun Playing with the Pierces one last time before they moved to Hawaii. We had a ton of fun playing with them and I got only a couple pictures here is my favorite. Taylor and I dressed Grif in Kylie's clothes and called him Grifina. The boys were so confused...but Grif was such a cutie!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Birthday MIcah

Micah Turned 4!!! We got home from Vegas and we celebrated Micah's Birthday the next day. Since it was a Sunday we kept it mellow with the normal family meal, cake, and some presents. It was fun for all of us to celebrate with Micah.

He loved it all
Micah at 4: He is one of the most lovable boys. He has so much passion which can be great and annoying at the same time. He makes all of us laugh and gives the biggest hugs ever.

He is our Hoarder... He loves to get all his toys and hoard them under his bed... We tease him about it all the time. He constantly reminds me "MOM I am not a hoarder".

He is a little obsessive compulsive.  I love it because he is such a neat guy and always helps me make sure the house is not dirty.
He Loves to Color and will sit of hours (which is kind of a miracle) coloring.. making sure that all of his paper is colored. One day at nap he must of "hoarded" some crayons and when I shut the door he decided that his sheets needed a little more design to them
He loves Super Hero's and tries everyday to be one. HE loves big muscles. In fact, he is obsessed with protein right now to build his big muscles. He wants to know how many grams of protein is in everything he eats. Watch out HULK Micah is catching up to you!

Quick little side note.. A couple days ago I was going to pick up Saxon from school with the rest of the crew. Micah bolted to the jungle gym and ripped off his shirt. He started playing on the bars.. I went over and asked him what is he doing and why does he have his shirt off? He said " MOM I am doing my exercises and need to see my MUSCLES".

- I am in big trouble.. this boy just turned 4... What is he going to be like as a Teenager.
We love you Micah! Thanks for always keeping me on my toes!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Las Vegas Trip

In the beginning of August we were able to go to Las Vegas to see our nieece Journey get baptized. It was a great experience.

Word of advice... if you want to go to Las Vegas try not to go in August. It was so hot. Luckily we got another hook up to a great hotel and we had a fun time swimming in the pool with the family.
Journey and kylie


Teague and Dane

Micah laying out

Cousin's playing




We are so excited for Journey and her choice to get baptized. She looked so beautiful that day and we all felt the spirit so strongly.

We were also lucky to play with our good friends the Erika and Mason and little Ruka. We love these guys and were excited to see them for a little bit.
Right before we left to go home Dane really wanted to play at the park. We found a park with a great splash pad. Kylie decided she needed to jump in the water in her church dress. They had a lot of fun.

THEN.... on the way home Grandma Baltzer gave us money for McDonalds.... and my kids all got HAPPY MEALS. they couldn't believe it. I think this was the first time they all got one. They were so  so so excited. I wish I had a video of their reactions. poor children their cheap mom NEVER gets them fun things like happy meals.
Fun times in Las Vegas!

Family reunion in Parajo Dunes

Every year we have a big Family Reunion with my Dad's whole side of the family. It is always so much fun and this year was no excpetion. We went to Parajo Dunes at the end of July and got enjoy all Northern California Coast had to offer.

We went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and rode all the fun rides.

the world famous carasel.
Ate yummy 1 dollar Hot Dogs.
Got to go on some fun roller coasters
Watched the kids enjoy the fun little rides

And spent all night playing with the family
The houses that we stayed at were right on the sand so we got to enjoy the beach all weekend long.

The non-golfers went to Gilroy Gardens which was surprisingly really fun and we ended up being there all day long while the golfers golfed.

When we got home we had a big celebration of everyone's birthdays that were around that week and there was a lot! Micah was one of them and he got a little shy.

Then after the celebration the girls decided they needed to leave the crazy no nap sugar filled children with the golfers and go shopping! It was so much fun...

We got to go to the aquarium which is always amazing to me.

We went to the park after the aquarium... ate lunch, feed the birds :), played at the park, and rented paddle boats.

We got to go kayaking and check out the wild life in Monterey

Even when we were at the houses we were having a fun time playing games, roasting marshmallows, dance parties, and just hanging out.

We love our family reunions!