Sunday, June 24, 2012

Camping time

The weekend school got out we had our first camp out. It was our Wards camp out and it was so much fun.
We got there and explored the campsite and set up camp.

 We then went on a little family hike

 On the way we ran into Bishop and he taught our boys how to shoot a gun. Still not sure how I feel about it but my boys loved it.

 We finished our hike and came back and played with the rest of the ward members that came. We ate dinner and hung out.
 We then hit the sack. The kids did great. Our first full family camp out was a hit and

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another Future Daughter-in-law born

We love HB and are going to live here forever. One of our great friends the Jensens also want to stay here which makes us so happy. At the beginning of June they had their second Daughter which makes me excited. My boys will have great girls to date!
Meet little Audrey. She is so cute and chunky...and she is laying in one of my baby taco shells.

Hanne, me, and Steph. Stephanie looks the best and she just had a baby!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


WHY do I blog: I love the blogging world because.... honestly it is my journal. It is my way to remember what I do with my time. I am horrible at it. I never blog about events that happen when they happen, it is most likely 3 months behind, but I still love it.
SO... I can't forget to blog about Disneyland.  I love this place and my kids LOVE this place but I never get to take pictures because my hands are full of 4 kids. That is right! I take all 4 kids to dland all by myself. 
Therefore, picture taking is not happening.
 I did manage to get a couple pictures of my kids at Disneyland. I hope they always remember the fun times we have at Disneyland.

Thank you Disneyland for making my kids dreams come true!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Birthday parties

Kylie's official first friends birthday party. She was invited to little Lotte's  Party and Kylie had so much fun. I love having a girl and going to girl parties where they go all out with bows, banners, cotton candy, and wind mills. It was so fun for the both of us.

Lotte the birthday girl

Kylie and Lotte

Spring Beach Fun!

Spring time at the beach is fantastic. There are so many beaches around here to choose from. We love them all and they offer so much. 
Corona Del Mar: Love the tide pools, creatures to find, rocks to climb, rivers to jump over, caves to go into, and waves to play in.





Newport Beach: Love the easy parking, shallow water and great beginner waves for kids to surf.

Justin (our neighbor) and Saxon out surfing


Micah and the attack of the birds

Micah, Justin, and Dane heading to the water

Saxon and Andrew hanging
Huntington Beach: Love going local, Friends always there, great waves, and its our home away from home.

LOVE all the beaches!