Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fathers and Sons campout

 I love that Tad takes all the boys camping and is excited about it. This year for the Fathers and Sons camp out they went to Newport Dunes. They had a lot of fun.

Kylie and I also had a lot of fun without the boys. We went with April to Irvine Spectrum and went shopping. I am not a lover of shopping but it is fun when you have no time restrictions and you are with the girls.
Saxon ready to head out

Dane and Micah too excited to go to get out of the car and take a picture

Be kind

Saxon, being in school full time, has learned a lot of new things. One of my favorite lessons he has learned is... to be kind.

One day I was picking him up from school and the teacher told me that he drew all over another girls paper and made the girl cry. I felt horrible that he made a girl cry. I sent him to his room and said that he needed to think about being kind and how important it is.

When he came out of his room he told me that he was now going to be kind  because he prayed two times to Heavenly Father asking him to help him be kind. I Loved That!

Heavenly Father for sure answered his prayers. The next day he came home and gave me a picture that he drew for me. One of my most favorite gifts ever.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dane's true LOVE - swimming

Dane loves swimming... he would live in the water if he could. Since Saxon and Micah have school T and Th I decided Dane needed something fun to do so I signed him up for swim lessons through the city (my swim school wasnt open yet). He loved it and it was fun to watch him.

He loved it so much that he told me I needed to open our pool. So I took off the pool cover and let the kids go swimming. It was so funny to see them in the freezing cold pool. 

The kids are SUPER excited that my swim school as officially opened now! The pool is super warm now and they get their own private swim lessons. If you want some great swim lessons go to

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Easter Morning

 Easter Sunday our kids woke up, got their Church clothes on, and then  hunted for their Easter Baskets.

Micah could not decide what tie he wanted to wear that day!

Dane tried on his new towel.

Saxon and Dane with their Hats.

The kids waiting to go to church. The sun was right in their eyes they were not loving taking a picture
Little Kylie in her Easter dress sitting on a beautiful quilt a sister in our ward made for her!

We are always grateful to go to church and remember our Savior but especially Easter Sunday as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are so grateful for Holidays that allow us to focus a little more on the most important things in life. Happy Easter!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2nd Annual Easter Egg hunt!

 Tad and I decided at the last minute that we needed to have another Easter Egg hunt this year. It was so fun we had lots of eggs to go find and the kids had so much fun! I think we will for sure keep this a tradition!

The families checking out the goods!
  It was so hot that day we ended up getting some slurpee's from 7-11 and enjoying them under the tree. It was such a great day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Easter object lesson

I started an Easter Tradition last year. It is a great one for kids. The FHE before Easter we talk about Easter and the meaning of it. We first talk about Jesus Christ and how he atoned for our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane. Then talk about how Jesus then was crucified. We then give each of our kids a uncooked crescent roll and have them roll it out. We give them a marshmallow and tell them that this white marshmallow represents Jesus and how perfect he is. Then we put the marshmallow on the roll and talk about how the disciples prepared Jesus body for the burial in the tomb. We put spices on the roll (cinnamon and sugar) and then we wrap the marshmallow in the roll. We cook the roll at the degree and time it says on the package. Then when it is done cooking we take it out and had our kids eat the roll. When they open the roll the marshmallow was gone (it melts) and we talk about how Jesus was not in the tomb that he was resurrected and that we can too live again.

It is may favorite FHE of the year. My kids totally get it and love it and it is the best lesson to learn.

On the flip side... my kids totally got the message that we will live again. So we where at Taylor's house and our kids where on the second story pushing a screen which was going to pop out and we thought our kids where going to fly out of the window and die! So we told them that and Saxon said "its ok because we can live again". We couldnt do anything but laugh and now that is answer for anything that is dangerous... "mom its ok because we can live again". Now i am rethinking the whole idea of teaching little crazy dare devil boys the idea that we can live again.

Fun times with April

It is always fun to have my sister around. We have lived close by each other since 2003. It is fun to hang out and do fun things together. Now that I have kids, my kids also get the benefit of having April close by. On her birthday we had a little birthday celebration.

At the end of March, April and I signed up for a race called the Warrior Dash. It was a super fun race. It was only 3.2 miles but we had to climb over walls, jump through tires, climb on ropes, slide down poles, swim through water, jump over fire, crawl through mud, climb up sand, and much more. It was awesome and we had so much fun doing it together.

Then a couple weeks later April and a bunch of her friends ran the ragnar race. It is a crazy race that went from Huntington Beach to San Diego and it is two days straight of running. Every person on the team runs around 15 to 20 miles throughout the 2 days. A couple of days before the race happened a girl on Aprils team got sick and could not run. She needed people to fill in for some of the race. She asked me and I said I could run the first leg of the race.

I was super nervous because I had not run 5 miles straight in a long time. Plus I felt the extra pressure of the team and wanting to run a good time for them. So I raced off and saw everyone passing me and felt like I was running in mud. I just couldn't go fast. I was getting so frustrated as I was watching the other racers going further and further away from me. I finally got to the 1 mile left marker and looked at my watch. I had been running 8 minute miles! I was shocked. I finished the 5 miles in 40 minutes. I have never ran that fast in my life. The other people must have been running 6 minute miles but I didn't care I had just ran my personal best. I was on a runners high. It was a great feeling. I want to do a whole ragnar now. I think it would be super fun!

April and Me right before the race
OH... and if you dont know... April just got engaged! We are so happy for her and John.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Our experiment

Have I told you lately how much Saxon LOVES sugar. He loves it! Well Tad decided that he needed to buy these weird pink and green marshmallows that were on sale. They sat in our pantry for months and Saxon would continually beg me for some. So one day I decided they just needed to be used. I got all the pink marshmallows out and started to melt them for Rice Krispies  treats when I noticed that we barely had any more rice krispies cereal left. How do you make the treats with out the cereal. So Saxon and I decided we were going to try different cereal and see which one tasted the best. It was a fun experiment and in the end RICE KRISPIES for sure was the best cereal to use with marshmallows.

The Micah Factor

My MICAH factor. We love Micah to pieces he is full of passion and love but he is a factor in my life. What does that mean? Well whatever I am doing or we are doing with our family we have to factor in Micah. Haha he just has the energy of entire NFL team and the strength of a team too with the mind of a 3 year old. AND we love all of it but there are times I cant wait until he is just a little bit older. Until then, I decided I need to document some of the stories of my Micah.

One of my favorites.. now, not when it happened.

So one day we were at the park and it was a park with lots of play areas. I had been watching Micah like a hawk (as usual) the whole time and I decided I needed to check out Dane and Kylie in the sand when all of the sudden (within 2 minutes of me gone) my friend Taylor comes running to me saying... Micah just went to the bathroom. I am thinking ok he usually finds a bush and goes pee.. but no this time he decided he needed to go #2 and right IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARK on the concrete IN FRONT  of everyone. I was in shock, parents staring at me like I was a horrible parent, Micah standing there pants down and a big log on the ground. WHAT should i do? Cry, Laugh, Yell. I wanted to do all. I got to him and I looked at his cute face and I couldn't do anything but say "what happened?"He looked at me and said in his sweet little raspy voice "I couldn't find you anywhere". My heart just melted. And that is the Micah Factor. From the outside it could look like this little boy is out of control but his heart is so tender.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


 Oh Little Kylie- Girl... she is so sweet and so good. She is an amazing sleeper and an amazing eater.

She is so super cute and lets me doll her up with her little pigtails.

However... the girl is almost 18 months and STILL not walking. But if course we still love her for all her sweetness, kindness, and calm disposition. We just hope she walks SOON!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 Saxon's love.. skateboarding. He loves it. I took him a lot to the park when he was just in preschool but now that he is in extended k he doesn't get to go as much. So I decided I need to sign him up for a little skate camp. It was him and his friend Andrew and they had so much fun with their coach. Now every time we go to the park Saxon ends up getting free skate lessons from all the skaters. I love it. Here are some random pictures at the skate park.

Kylie watching her brothers skate
 Dane has also been obsessed with skateboarding for a while. It is super cute.