Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Big Show

 What has consumed our families whole month of March.... "the Big Stake Production" or as our boys call it "the show".

We had so much fun practicing for the show. My boys were in the 3 -5 year old number "it's a small world". It was so cute they all were different people from around the world. My friend Amber Pitt did the costuming for this number and I think it was amazing.
Dane was a Pirate (he thought) but really he was a little danish boy
Saxon was a boy from some Eastern Country (i think?) he thought we was Genie
Micah was a cowboy and loved putting his hat in front of his face during the whole preformance

Lining up to go on stage
The boys waiting in the dressing room
Me and my fellow pirates.. we had so much fun dancing to a song from pirates of the Caribean.

Then another super fun number from Beauty and the Beast. Tad was Gaston and I was Belle. It was a hillarious number and Tad was the star of the whole show.

Gaston with his best friend Le fou

And for sure one of my favorite parts is getting to hang out with our friends in the dressing rooms. I miss that part the most for sure.
Tad and Justin

Jamie and Katelyn

Blanca and Me

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

 Hawaii Here we come! Forever ago we found some amazing prices (250 round trip) to Hawaii and we decided that we need to go for my 32nd birthday. My parents agreed to watch all 4 of our little children for a whole week (have a told you lately how amazing my parents are). So Tad and I and some of our best friends the Beutlers went to Hawaii. It was such a fun trip.
Traveling was even fun 5 hours to just sit and do nothing! Loved every minute of it.

 We surfed, hot tubed, surfed, snorkeled, surfed and swam.... plus it rained a lot while we were there. I never felt dry. It was awesome.

Tad made some amazing food while we were there. I loved not cooking all week.

 Got to have some amazing Teds bakery pie for my birthday. Yum
 Got to visit family which is always super fun.. here is my Grandma Smith.

We got to attend a baptism of one of my Grandma's caretakers. It was such a great event and feel so blessed to be able to attend.
 And of course we got to do more surfing!! Loved the trip so much... super hard to leave. I think this needs to be an annual trip.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fun in the Snow

 Love the snow! I grew up going to the snow with my family. We would ski, sled, hot tub, and hang out.  I am so glad that I can continue the tradition with my family. My parents have a condo in Lake Tahoe so this year we got to enjoy a great weekend there. Dane and Micah did took a ski class and Saxon did a snowboard class. They all did amazing! So fun to see them enjoy the snow.

 My parents watch my kids one day so Tad and I could snowboard together all day. It was fun riding with Tad all day even though there was no snow.
 After a long day of skiing we headed over to the rec center and played with the games and hung out in the hot tub.

 We also spent a lot of time behind the condo playing in the snow.

 The kids were so excited to build a snowman.


It was great sledding snow. The kids were flying through the snow and through the bushes it was so fun

 And if that was not enough.. we found a fabulous tire swing. It for sure required a helmet the kids were literally flying!
Our friends the Krinke's came to play in the snow it was great to play with them and all their kids.

 Then the best way to finish a weekend of fun in the snow... a big snowball fight.

We had so much fun that weekend. Love adventures, outdoors, and family fun.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

p is for playgroup

P is for playgroup.
We love playgroup around here.

P is for please..everyday my boys (micah and dane) are asking me please mommy can I go to playgroup.

P is for playing. I love the break I get when it is at someone else's house but I also like to have it at my house. It is fun seeing all the boys and how they play together.

P is for popcorn a great snack to make and eat when all the boys are at my house.

 P is for pretend play. These boys LOVE costumes and everyday they come to my house they go straight to the costume box and decide who they are going to be that day.

P is for pose.. This was a miracle getting all the boys to pose for a picture but I am glad I did it. They love each other and are having a great year playing at each others houses.