Tuesday, December 11, 2012


 Thanksgiving... I love the idea of thanksgiving. I think putting a day aside to celebrate the things that you are thankful for is amazing. However... I feel like Thanksgiving (the Holiday) is now all about the food and very little about being thankful. We spend all day or days cooking and cooking and cooking to sit down and eat for 1 hour and then the rest of the day cleaning up the mess. It has never been my favorite Holiday. So when My family missed it to fly home from my Grandma's funeral I didn't really care. But then the day passed and I did care. I have gone 33 years celebrating this day and having some turkey and it just felt wrong to miss it. So we set up a weekend where we could celebrate Thanksgiving.

Tad's parents came down and we got to enjoy their company too. 

Kylie got to celebrate her 2 year birthday again. She got to open some presents from Grandma and Grandpa. She was so excited that she finally got a Stroller!!! Her favorite thing in life.

We got to do some arts and crafts!

 Then we did a lot of cooking and cooking!

and then got to enjoy the yummy food...

We then got to open a some more presents from Grandma and Grandpa. Some new PJ's!

 The rest of time was just playing around and having fun!

We have to so much to be thankful for this year. I am grateful that we were able to celebrate the Holiday and Grandma and Grandpa Baltzer were able to come visit!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We closed Escrow!

We have had a long long journey with our house hunt but November 27th we closed Escrow on our dream home (or I should say soon too be dream home). To get the full story and hear all the fun details of finding this house, selling our house, closing escrow and making this house into our dream home visit www.trashtotreasurehome.blogspot.com. Although we knew that we had a ton of work ahead of us owning this house was truly an answer to our prayers.

To see some of our journey Watch this Wednesday night (April 3rd) at 9 pm Hoarding Buried Alive!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Friends Having Babies

 Some of my best friends Hanne and Julie both had babies within a couple days of each other. Hanne had her second and third boy Garrett and Tanner. This allows Hanne to be in the 3 boys club now! Welcome Hanne!
 Then Julie delivered a couple days later. She had her forth child, little Summer, which makes Julie the complete opposite of me with 1 boy and 3 girls. I think it is great! Now my kids will have someone to date when they are old enough ;)

It was fun to visit both of them in the hospital together! Don't they look amazing for just having babies.

I loved holding the newborns they are so precious. Welcome to the world Garret, Tanner, and Summer. We love you!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall Beach Days

 I love the Fall in Huntington Beach. October and November were beautiful and we enjoyed the weather as much as we could.

We played at Blackies

We played at the River Jetties

 I had fun taking profile pictures of my kids... now a I need a good idea of what to do with them?? Any suggestions?

 We Played at 9th street.

I love the beach! I feel blessed.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The rest of the our Hawaii Trip

As for the rest of the trip in Hawaii we tried to make the most of it. The living conditions were far from ideal and the weather was not good at all. We can just say this was not our favorite trip to Hawaii. Anytime the sun came out we ran to the beach and enjoyed the sun.

Micah and Saxon waiting for the wave

Micah and Saxon catching the wave

Saxon and Kylie digging in the sand

Dane playing in the sand

At Kailua Beach we found an awesome sand dune to sled/boogie board down. That was so much fun!

Luke, Dane, and Saxon ready to head up the hill again
Uncle Jon Skim boarding
The last couple of days we headed up to the North Shore. We were so excited to see all our friends up there. But just our luck... all of them were sick!! At least we got to see them for a second.
The Pierce family and the Baltzer family finally united again!
J and Saxon heading out for the big surf session of Turtle Bay

It literally rained the whole rest of the time we were there. Being in Hawaii while it rains with Kids is SO Hard! We really tried hard to find something to do each day. We found 3 things to do...
#1) Go eat Shaved Ice.. that always make us happy.

#2) Go to the PCC. We have not taken our kids to the PPC and they had fun watching all the dancers and the shows.

Dane, Saxon, Micah, J, and Kylie

#3) Go to the Ranch. My parents took the kids to the ranch to ride horses while Tad and I got to surf Sunset. That was a really great treat for Tad and I and the waves were really fun. The kids also had a blast with the horses.

Although we had some fun times...after the many hours of lost sleep (due to kids never sleeping), the bad weather, and our sick friends... we were excited to go home on Thanksgiving day!