Sunday, October 30, 2011

Go to Hawaii for Cheap!

Just thinking about trips...

If you are my friend, you know that I am looking at flights to Hawaii everyday! I love Hawaii and if I can get there for not a lot of money, I am there.

Well there is a deal that ends tomorrow the 31st that you can fly for 169 each way from LA to Honolulu (but those are not the only airports that have the deals). Click HERE to view the deal and buy your tickets.

And of course... when you are there stay at my condo for an amazingly cheap price and enjoy a little R and R without spending  a lot of money! Click here to book my turtle bay condo HERE.. and mention you are my friend (if you are) and you can get a hook up!

I am for sure booking my trip by tomorrow... who wants to come with me?

A boy and a girl in a little Canoe

 This October Tad and I went with a bunch of friends on a super fun Canoe trip. I had gone on this canoe trip before with the young women, so it was fun to go again. My parents watched our kids while we were gone. It was a fun to have a little vacation kids free.

We started out at the Hoover Dam and headed down the Colorado River.

 Our first stop we went inside a sauna cave

Then we hiked up the mountains to some fun hot springs

After the hike we continued down the river until we got to our campsite.
 Once we got to our campsite we set up camp and then went cliff jumping.

  Then Tad and I hiked around the mountains and explored

  We then came back from the hike and hung out in the hot springs

We cooked dinner and talked story... then slept.

 Then next morning we continued down river enjoying the beautiful surroundings
 And of course one more cliff jump before the trip was over.
It was such a great trip full of fun, friends, and adventure. We loved it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Heavenly Father

I love the stage of questions... some people think it is annoying...but I love it.

Lately Saxon has been really into questions about Heavenly Father.

1)  Q: Where does he live?
He really really wants to know where he lives... Heaven is just not good enough. He wants to know what exact cloud is Heaven! So one day we were driving home from the beach and we passed a church with the word GOD in front. Since he just started reading, he read the word GOD.. and he   all of sudden got really excited..  he finally found the house that God lives in. I thought it was really cute.
A: apparently he lives on 6th street in HB

2)  Q: Does he answer prayers?
One night Saxon was not listening when we wanted him to brush his teeth so we told him if he continues to be crazy he will not brush his teeth that night. Well he continued to be crazy so we sent him to bed with his teeth not brushed. Of course, he freaked out and started crying and crying he didnt want green teeth. He started his night time prayer and started balling to Heavenly Father asking him if he could tell his parents to let him brush his teeth. Of course I heard the prayer and instantly my heart was softened. It was such a sincere prayer that immediately after the prayer I helped him brush his teeth. Saxon was so excited that Heavenly Father heard his prayer.
A: Yes

 3) Q: What is Heavenly Father going to be for Halloween?
Yesterday we were talking about Halloween...and we where talking about what we were going to be and then Saxon asked what is Heavenly Father going to be for Halloween? I really didnt know what to say so I just said I do not know, he should ask him in his prayer tonight.
A: I am pretty sure that Heavenly Father doesn't dress up for Halloween but I wasn't going to crush my little 4 year old's heart.

As I am reading this blog to Dane.. Dane just said Heavenly Father is going to be a pumpkin for Halloween. (probably)

Monday, October 10, 2011


Ahh.. memories..

I was just in the garage... trying to clean it...when I got distracted by my box of memories. I opened up my box and looked through my journals. I LOVED them. It brought me back to all of my high school memories and I thought about all of my amazing friends. I got all warm and fuzzy as I thought what a blessing good friends are. I am so grateful for my friends past and present. 

Thank you friends for making life so much fun!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Aunt April

April is one of best Aunts ever ... My kids LOVE her. She spoils them. Here she is feeding Kylie Ice Cream and Kylie was LOVING it. I am so thankful she lives so close to us and that she is so rad.

September Beach Days

Beach days... I love them and especially in September when the sun is out and the crowds are gone. Our friends the Kontoes came to So Cal to play. We went to San O and surf and hung out. It was a lot of fun.
Tad and Chris on a party mushy wave
Dane in the Sand

Micah and Saxon in the water

Saxon at his favorite place (the beach)

Mister tough guy

Kylie loving the beach

Me taking Saxon out surfing


Summer is over and that means only one thing to my kids... Disneyland is now open for them to go! Before all the crazy preschool schedules began I grabbed my 4 kids and we played at Disneyland. Sorry for the crazy pictures (i am just impressed that I took a couple of pictures being alone with my 4 kids at Disneyland).

Thanks Disneyland for the hours of entertainment for my little kids (and the great workout for me!).