Thursday, September 29, 2011

Preschool and playgroup back in session...

Last March I went to the temple and was sitting in the session when I felt a prompting to potty train Micah. Weird, i know. I wasn't even thinking about potty training him at that time but I felt so strongly about it I went to the store and bought the potty presents and took the diapers off Micah. Within a couple days he was potty trained. Now what does this have to do with preschool... well with Micah being potty trained I was able to sign him up for a great preschool. He is going through the Huntington Beach School district and it is an amazing school and he LOVES it.

The first day was a meet and greet and Micah was hyperventilating over the bins and bins of Dinosaurs and cars his favorite things in life!

Saxon also was able to start his 2nd year of preschool.... He was super sad he couldn't go back to "julie's preschool" but he was glad his friends are with him at preschool.

 Dane was excited to start a playgroup with 6 little boys. Both Micah and Dane go and they LOVE playing with their friends. The only time they cry is when they have to go home.

As for little Kylie girl... she gets a little r and r with her mommy or daddy (if the surf is good!)

Love playing with my kids... and will be really sad when they all go to school everyday. BUT preschool and playgroups are the best! really! drop them off for a couple of hours for some education and fun and I get a little break.

Dane's Swimming

Dane made a huge break through in swimming this summer. He LOVES it so much... and now swims across the whole pool! Wuhoo! He knows how to take a breath and this is so fun for him so now all he wants to do ALL DAY is swim. He wakes up and jumps right into the pool. It is great to have all mobile kids water safe! Here is a video of Dane playing in the water.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Atomic Fire

The same week Saxon started soccer camp he also had his first soccer practice. Atomic Fire is the team and it is a great team! 

Saxon already knew 3 kids on the team from our ward so he loves it. Our friend Craig is the coach and Tad is the assistant coach. They work great with the boys and it shows. 

Last Saturday they had their first game and the team was amazing. They do not keep score but it was a major victory for Atomic Fire... something like 20 to 3. It was so fun watching them.

Here is the team pep talk before the game (dont mind the Utah hat)

Here is Saxon after a goal doing a victory dance!

Soccer Soccer Soccer

When we got back from Hawaii Soccer season began. Saxon went to a soccer camp for a week. He loved it. It was 3 hours a day and he had so much fun.

He learned soccer skills
 He played games
 He won awards... (the Wacky Wednesday award)... so appropriate for Saxon.
He loved his Coach Mike from England... it was a great way to start the soccer Season.


My favorite place to play with my family is Hawaii! We had so much fun.. besides the birthday celebrations already blogged about, here are some of our favorite parts of our trip.

Saxons Favorites:

 1) Jumping off the rock in Waimea (of course not the big one).
2) Hanging with his cousins Luke and Livi(and everyone else)
3) Catching the waves
 Micah's favorites..   

1) Swimming in the water 
2) Playing in the water (snorkeling and Boogie boarding)

3) Hanging with the family (especially Grandpa)

Dane's Favorite's...

1) Playing in the sand

2) Playing on his board

3) Throwing the ball

Of course he LOVED hanging with the Aunts, Cousins, Gigi and Grandpa too!

Kylie's Favorites..

1) Sitting in the beach...

2) Playing in the water

3) Getting so much love from the family

Tad and Amber's Favorites...
Hanging with the family... and of course (surfing and for Tad golfing)

thanks Mom and Dad for the great Family vacation

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma Smith!

 We had a Family Reunion for my mom's side of the family in Hawaii. We all got together to celebrate my Grandma's 85th birthday. It was great to see the family.

Everyone gathering together to sing and eat a Ted's pie

Kylie and her Grandpa

Me, Tiffany, and Jule (I am pretty sure that smile is in our genes)

Kylie enjoying my Grandma's beautiful backyard on the Kailua Bay

Happy Birthday Micah!

Our big boy turned 3 and we went all the way to Hawaii to celebrate! Micah woke up that morning and opened all of his gifts... Lots of Dinosaurs (his favorite things) and beach toys. We then played at the beach all day and he learned how to boogie board all by himself! pretty impressive for a little guy.. i didn't get a good video but I have a great video of his smiles after a ride!

Then that night we went over to my uncles house to have a birthday party with friends and family...
Grandma Smith and Kylie

Micah with his huge cake

The family eating

Micah loving the blue frosting on the cake
We then had pony rides after the food... (my uncle lives on a ranch)



Happy Birthday Micah! We love you!