Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! I had so much fun this year preparing the Father's day gifts...
My friend Michelle has this amazing tradition of making a tie for her husband on Father's Day and having him wear at church. So this year she asked if anyone wanted to join her and of course we all jumped on it. It was fun making the ties and even better seeing half the guys at church proudly wearing their homemade ties. After I made Tad's tie I decided that my dad and Tad's dad needed one.

Here is My Dad's tie...
 Here is Tad's Dad's tie..

Then when Father's day came around we spoiled Tad. We made him a yummy breakfast and gave him some homemade cards...

Then we he opened his gifts...

 Tad showing off his tie

 My Dad wearing his tie at church

I am so grateful for all the amazing Father's in my life! I love them all.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Surfer Boy

Saxon really has fallen in love with Surfing this summer. We are so excited! Here is some videos of him surfing in oceanside (the quality is junk because our camera is jacked)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

 Oh how I love my Mom. She decided that she wanted to take all of my boys for a couple days to her house. Wow such a break for Tad and I and so much fun for my boys. They LOVE her house and talk about it it was such a treat for our whole family.

They got to swim...

 They got to play with their cousins...
 They got to go on ATV rides and they even got to drive it this time...
 My parents have a new "park" in their backyard... which is so fun for everyone
 Oh and have I mentioned they put a whole new field in their yard so the kids can play sports and run around.
 After the couple of days of freedom... Tad, Kylie, and I drove up to San Jose to play for a couple days, go to Luke and Livi's birthday party, and then take the boys home. It was a great weekend

 The teeter totter experiment...
Not even

Dane playing in the sand box
 The fun times at Luke and Livi's birthday party
Luke and Livi's Angry Bird Party
The great cake my mom and Jule made

Micah Eating
Saxon playing Crack the egg.. do you remember that game.. i can't believe kids still play that
Dane in the bounce house

LOVE this park

 Sometimes I just get bored of the same old parks and beaches. I need a change. My friend Hanne introduced us to this great park last year and invited us back this year. It was so FUN. It has a little road where my kids ride their bikes around. I loved it because it was something different and kept my kids occupied for a long time!

Micah (i swear he did have a helmet on)

Filling up gas in his bike

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Time

 Ahh.. summer time. Gotta love the fun times with chocolate faces and splashing in the water.

Preschool and Playgroup coming to an end

As summer comes, Playgroup and Preschool go... which is really sad. My kids love their friends and all the fun activities they do at preschool and playgroups. And of course I LOVE the little 2 hour break I get every T and TH. But I guess that is life...
Here are some pictures of the last day of Playgroup at my house.

The crew sitting on their mats ready to learn..
That lasted about 5 minutes... now it is time to play

Dallin practicing his amazing swing

Micah protecting the universe as spiderman

Hugh as Batman cruising on his batmobil

Dane enjoying fun times with friends

Here are some pictures of Saxon's Graduations from Busy Bee Preschool. It was such a great school. He LOVED it and he learned so much.

The class

His rewards
proud mom
Micah wanting to graduate preschool before he even started.
Dane just trying to keep it cool all the time.