Sunday, May 29, 2011

Boys wil be Boys

 In ancient times they had the "hunters" and the "gatherers".. my boys came directly from the hunter group! They love sticks, rocks, and anything else that would remotely resemble a some kind of weapon and then they love to attack.

I love going to parks that let them release their wild beast inside. Here are some pictures of my boys with some of their BFF's J and Hugh. It just give's you a little glimps of what my life is like.

Kylie is not sure what to think about her brothers

 And then.... as soon as they get home from their day full of hunting and killing... they come home jump in their super hero outfits and resume their super hero work here at the home front.

Spider man working his super hero powers on the baby toy

Captain America rescuing the distressed in the house

Fire Fighter checking making sure that the house is clear of Danger.

Kylie 6 months

Somebody needs to help me find a time freezer... where is the time going??? Kylie is already 6 months. Have I mentioned lately how amazing she is. I love her so much. She is such a great little baby here are some fun pictures of her and what she has been up.

She is always happy even though most of her life in spent in the bouncer or the infant carrier.
She never complains. One afternoon i was putting all the boys into their beds for nap time and i went back to get Kylie and put her in her bed and i found this...Kylie totally asleep under her play gym... just one of her ways of saying don't worry about it mom I got it covered!

I rarely leave Kylie alone (meaning alone with her brothers around) for safety reasons... however this one afternoon I had to get dinner going so I thought I am going to take a chance with kylie alone with micah. I quickly fixed dinner and came back to this...

Micah laying next to Kylie on her blanket holding hands and watching a movie.. it was so cute!

Then Dane jumped in the action.. These guys love their sister SOOO much.

We have been swimming a lot and because of the craziness in the water I rarely take her in the pool. But she loves laying on her blanket and playing with the toys while her brothers swim.

Here she is in her little Easter dress, laying on the blanket her gigi made her.

Oh and for her 6 month she got her two bottom teeth... and not a single sign she was getting them...just one day they were there. Thank you Kylie Girl for being my little angel!

Friday, May 27, 2011

A trip to the zoo

At the end of March we went to the zoo for a field trip. It was hot day full of lots of monkeys... my little monkeys felt right at home!

Saxon's preschool class

the crew in the jeep

Kylie was wiped out

J and Dane on the train


Cousin's come play

I have to document my long lost second cousin once removed (or something like that) came to visit from Sweden. It was neat to meet him. His kids are super star skiers... now I know where i get my skills... haha jk. It was a great day full of family, food, and fun.

Then Saxon and Micah were so thrilled because their second cousin Landon brought his ATV over and they rode their ATV's together..
 Hudson and Dane got to drive their cool cars

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I love this day because it is so random. I also love that you look around and everyone around you is wearing green. It is so fun.

I had playgroup that day so we got to party!
We made rainbow snacks

We made rainbows

Saxon our little green Leprechaun came home from school
Kylie was our little prize at the end of the rainbow
After naps we went to the park and played with the ducks.

Relaxed in the Grass

And climbed the rocks

Thank you America for celebrating St. Patrick's Day! It is always so much fun.