Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me! I had such a great birthday this year. You can snowboard for free on your birthday so of course I had to go! It was so much fun. Just us girls riding... I need to do this more often. 
Lauren, Melody, me, and Autumn      
After snowboarding all day.. i came home to flowers and presents. Thanks Tad for being so amazing!

Then a week later we rented a duffy boat and went with some of our friends to cruise the Newport Harbor for a little more birthday celebration. It was so fun eating, hanging with friends, and cruising. 
Tad and me

The girls...     

the boys

My little Monster

 Saxon my little monster. The beginning of September Saxon started preschool, at the same time he started talking in what we called his "monster voice". Naturally we thought he had learned this "monster talk" from one of his preschool friends. In the beginning he would occasionally talk with his "monster voice" but by Dec. I could barely get him to talk in his "normal voice". I would practice with him over and over and he would try hard to talk normal but it was hard for him.

Saxon turned 4 in Jan. and he had his annual doctors check up. I told his Dr. about his voice problem and she told us to go to the ears nose throat doc. We got an appointment right away... and we discovered my little monster had a huge growth in his throat (almost blocking his whole airway). He needed surgery!

We scheduled his surgery for the following week (the end of Feb). Tad took the morning off and I went with Saxon for what was suppose to be an in and out 2 hour surgery.

He got dressed in his little hospital clothes.
He got his bubbles to play with

He played with his ipod touch while waiting for the surgery
I got dressed in the scrubs to help put Saxon to sleep before the surgery. That was so hard for me (helping with putting him to sleep). He is my little boy!
He was suppose to have his growth and adnoids taken out, but during the surgery they decided the tonsils needed to come out as well. And of course when he came out of the surgery I started to cry and really couldn't stop. Cry of relief that he was ok, crying because I was so grateful for Saxon, Crying because he is so little and had to go through this crazy surgery, crying because he was in so much pain. crying because he is such a good little boy, crying because he coughed up blood and I almost fainted. you get the picture.. the emotions we high.

The 2 hour surgery became a 2 day stay at the hospital. Luckily April my sister helped out with the kids. After watching the kids she came to visit Saxon. This is what he looked like for the next couple of days.
The pediatric ward was not expecting Saxon to come so he had to share a room with a little 9 month baby (whose mom blasted the spanish soap opera ALL DAY). It was sooo annoying. The rooms were soo small and the nurses basically were non existent. You all know me.. i had to speak my mind. So I eventually got Saxon his own private room and eventually after many many hours he finally got his popsicle. Tad spent the night at the hospital with Saxon. The next day we all came to meet Saxon as he left the hospital and we gave him balloons which he was super excited about. I am sad that Saxon had to go through this tough time.. and even more sad that Saxon had this horrible growth in his throat for such a long time... but you can always make lemonade out of lemons. Here is my lemonade: I have never felt to so much love for my little boy. I am so blessed to have him as my son.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pretend City Fun!

Luke, Livi, and Saxon had so much fun at pretend city. I love this place.... you can be anything you want to be.
You can work at the grocery store

 You can go to the beach
You can be a stage manager or a performer on stage
You can work at the cafe

You can go fishing
You can be a patient at the doctors office
or you can be the doctor

You can be a construction worker

Or you can be a firefighter
Or how about being rich and famous
Thank you Pretend City for hours and hours of entertainment!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fire Station

Saxon's preschool went on a field trip to the fire station. It was a lot of fun exploring and learning more about the station.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Love Day!
Saxon's preschool had a great little vday party the Thursday before vday. It was great they ate, read a book, sang, and showed us their love!

On the actual Valentines day I played with my favorite little people! I woke up to my happy little children.
Here is my Smiley Kylie
 I made them heart shape french toast.
 We went to pretend city and played to our hearts content

 We got home and they opened some great valentines day cards from their great grandma gustavson. They were so excited about them it was really cute.

Then Tad came home from golfing all day (yes I am the best wife ever. ha) and the kids gave him their vday cards that they made at pretend city... look out people I think we got some hallmark card makers in the making!


Ahhh.. then a little date with the hubby! Happy Valentines Day to all of you! (ok i know i am 2 months too late but you know i love you!)