Thursday, March 17, 2011

Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! Teague (our nephew) turned 8! He invited us to his baptism in Las Vegas. We were so excited to go and be at the great event. He asked Tad to baptize him. Tad was so honored.

Tad arranged for our family to stay at this amazing suite at the Aliante Station (Thanks to his client that owns the hotel). It was so fun..2 huge rooms with 2 crazy fabulous bathrooms... a full kitchen, dining room, living room, and another bathroom. 

We loved hanging out with the family. All the cousins were so nice and fun to all our little kids. Here are some of the pictures of the trip.
Kylie and Grandma Baltzer at the Hotel

Tad and Teague after the baptism (micah wanted to hop in the picture)

The whole Baltzer family (gotta love the bats)

Nash and his family

Tad and his whole family

Dad and Mom Baltzer
Thanks Teague for the invite! It was a great trip.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lake Tahoe

Family Vacations! You gotta love them! We went up to my parents condo in Tahoe the beginning of Feb. It was so fun.

Playing in the snow... wow all you that live in the snow you are amazing!! It is such an ordeal to  get your kids dressed for the snow and then they play for 2 minutes and are over it. Dane cried the whole time he was out in the snow (2 minutes). So he hung out in the cabin for the 3 days. Kylie also hung out inside the whole time.. but the rest of us had a blast in the snow. Here are some pictures of the fun times.
Tad decided he wanted to get an amazing workout while playing in the snow so he hiked up the hill with kids on his shoulders
My parents paid for ski school for Saxon and his cousins. They had such a fun time and really learned to be great little skiers.
Saxon's legs were so tired of wedging that he decided it would be better just to bomb down the hill
I met up with Saxon the last half of the day to see him ski. He loved going over the bumps!
My parents were nice enough to let Tad and I go snowboarding together for half the day. It was really fun.
A super close friend from growing up (Kim) went snowboarding with us also.
As you can see there was no one on the mountain. It was so great.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saxon's Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday Saxon! Originally we were just going to go skiing for his birthday (which we did) But on his actual birthday we were home. So last minute (which is always my style) I sent out a txt to all his superhero and princess friends inviting them to the park to play. 

The day really had all the elements of a true fairy tale.

1. A love story...spiderman saxon and princess maile.

2. The superheros training for the big attack..

3. The big attack of the villain (poor random boy playing at the park)
4. The damsel in distress

5. The Big Feast... aka cupcakes and a birthday song

6. The great village gathering...

7. and of course The Queens over seeing all the events

Happy Birthday Saxon! You are my favorite little Superhero!