Friday, February 25, 2011

Beach Days

Of course, as usual, the weather has been so amazing the month of January. 80 degrees and perfect beach weather. So my kids and I have been living at the beach. It has been so fun.

I saw this great wall of tiles in HB and thought this would be a great picture...Whoops didnt think about how my kids would rather look at the cool wall then turn their backs to it and say cheese.

 Then we headed to the beach... with no toys, no food, just fun. It ended up to be one of my favorite beach days. I got to relax, soak in the sun, enjoy watching the amazing waves (wishing I was surfing), and hang with Taylor while our kids had the time of their lives. I wish I could relive this day over and over.. and again.

My little beach girl.. at 2 months she had gone to the beach at least 10 times.


One of the best things about living in such a fun town is you always get visitors...
Sad that we don't have enough room in our house to have guest stay over (and have them actually enjoy it).. but at least we get to visit with them.

Aunt Nancy and Uncle John stopped by for a short visit recently. It was fun to catch up with them and hang with family. I wish we could hang with family more often.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Dane!

 January 24th Dane turned 2! We celebrated the night before with My parents and April. Dane was not sure how he felt about turning two...

He then realized that he was going to turn two so decided he better act age appropriate and started to cry when we sang him the birthday song...
 He quickly got over it when he got to dig into his brownie..

On his actual birthday our whole family and my mom when to disneyland. Of course, my camera's battery was dead so we have no pictures... but it was a ton of fun. Then dane took his nap on the way home from d-land... so for another birthday treat I let him play all by himself while everyone else was taking naps... he loved it.
He also loved wearing his robe that he got from Gigi
 Then that night we had yummy taco salad for his birthday meal.
 And of course.. he then opened his gift from us.. Choo Choo trains... just what he wanted.
We love you Dane! Thanks for being such a smart, sweet, fun loving little boy! Happy Birthday

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kylie's blessing

January 23rd Kylie was blessed. It was such a beautiful day and a beautiful blessing. She is such a blessing in our lives. Thank you to all our friends and family that came to the blessing it was such a special day for our family.

We literally have our hands full.. all the time.

Here are some pictures of her life long bodyguards aka big brothers on her special day.

Micah was not in the mood to take pictures but he is still so handsome with a sad face.

 Gigi and Grandpa came for the big event.

 After Church the Beutlers came over to hang out and the kids rode the ATV. They are so cute on the ATV

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I am having so much fun with my little girl. I can't believe that she is almost 3 months??? That is crazy. She really is the best baby in the world.. she is so sweet and so cute. I love my little Kylie.
She started smiling around 6 weeks and smiles all the time.
Here she is at 6 weeks going to church in her little dress.

She loves playing with her brothers... they call her their little princess.                   

I had fun one Sunday afternoon with my new camera and my little girl. She is such a great model

this is my favorite... she is so pretty.

Park Fun!

After the fun time at my parents house for Christmas... We drove home... and what did we find?? An ATV by the tree! Just like Santa had promised! Saxon and Dane were soooo excited. Micah and Kylie were a little out of it (it was late).

It has been so fun playing with the ATV. Saxon drives it and we go to the park or around the neighborhood. We love it. Thanks Santa!

Here are some pictures of us at the park..
I love his face!
Kylie is a little too small for the ATV she gets the stroller ride.

The weather has been so nice that we have been enjoying our days at the parks... here are some more pictures of my kiddos at another park... They are so cute.. I love playing at the parks with them.