Monday, January 10, 2011

Toys, toys, toys

You gotta love being a mom during Christmas time. Your kids are so excited about all their toys and all the fun events at Christmas time. This year I am having so much fun with my new toy. Tad got me a new camera for Christmas. Yeah for pictures!

The day after Christmas I had so much fun taking pictures of my kids. I went a little crazy with the camera but how can you not? I narrowed my 250+ pictures down to my favorite 26 of our Sunday afternoon.

Our Sunday Afternoon at Gigi's House... I think you will understand why my kids love going there.

... I wanted some cute picture of them in their little Christmas outfits after church but Kylie was the only one willing to sit still. Ha. Here is Kylie and Saxon.

We moved quickly to the trampoline to get some great jumping shots.. which turned into wresting shots for Micah and Saxon.... Wresting... something I will never understand. WHY????

Of Course for little Dane-O he knows he has no chance wresting with his brothers so he just runs away from them... with the best smile ever!
 Then they decided they wanted to ride their bikes... Since it was Sunday I am calling it missionary training. They look so cute all dressed up riding their bikes.

 Jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes, whats next... an ATV ride with their Dad. They all hop on to go on a long ride on the ATV

 Done with the ATV ride... how about playing in the front yard... a little flying in the air and some baseball practice.

 After all that adventure and fun believe it or not they still had about 30 minutes of Daylight... what better way to spend it then a long Sunday evening walk with Grandpa.

 Then a miracle happened... after jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes, going on an atv ride, playing baseball, and going on a long hike.... the boys were officially wiped out..

AHHH peace and quiet... now it is time to just hang with the girls.

My mom with Kylie and Lyla (my niece)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This year for Christmas it was Tad's side of the families turn. So we had planned for Tad's parents to come to our house. We were so excited for them to come. A couple weeks before Christmas Tad's dad had some health scares so they were no longer able to come here for Christmas. So we decided that we would head up to Utah. Then at the last minute Tad's dad had to have a surgery and it would not be safe for him to have a bunch of little boys around bumping him. Luckily my parents had room for us, so we headed up to San Jose for Christmas.

Here are some highlights of our Christmas trip...

Christmas Eve. My mom goes all out on an amazing Christmas meal.

Then we all gather in the Media room for the big nativity scene and some Christmas carols. It was so funny to try to get all these little toddlers into costumes.  They were not loving it.
Micah never made it into a costume. He observed from the side lines.
The rest of us got dressed up. It was fun.
 Then we have the tradition of getting new PJ's for Christmas. My boys opened their gift and thought it was the box they were getting. (no way would they get clothes for a present..haha)
Micah excited about his new box!
 Then we all go to bed.. hoping that Santa will come this year... guess what he did!
Micah got a new bike.

Dane got a skateboard and a little bike (the bike didn't work so we sent it back to the elf)

Saxon also got a little bike (that also was given back to the elf) and a batman cave.

Kylie got a treasure chest. just what she wanted!
 Santa wrote a note for kids letting them know that he left an ATV (just what Saxon wanted ) at their house in HB and it would be there when they get back.

One of I think 9 trees my mom had in there house.
 Then we woke up with the whole family and rushed down to open the presents. It took all morning with all the people and all the presents. It was so fun.

April made this little hat for Kylie for Christmas... she looks so cute in it!

Micah with his new costume and bike

Dane with his new costume.

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Here are some of the highlights between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

While we were in San Jose for Thanksgiving we thought we might "attempt" to get a family photo for the Christmas card. I thought I was asking the impossible having boys ages 3, 2, and 1 years old, a 2 week newborn, a husband who hates taking family pictures, and me just given birth 2 weeks ago. But it was a Christmas miracle. We ran outside my parents house snapped a couple pictures and... we got a family picture. So for those who didn't receive the Christmas Card... here are the winning pictures!

When we got home from San Jose we busted out all our Christmas decorations. It was an adventure decorating the house with all the little toddlers. But we did it! I love the house all decorated.

Saxon and Dane decorating

Micah and Dane Decorating

Kylie kicking it on tad after an exhausting day of decorating
 Having Kylie during the holidays has actually been really nice because there has been so much family to help. I only had to to survive a couple weeks alone with all the kids before Christmas time came. And I am proud to say I survived. We did a lot of playing at the park... but then the rain came so we had to get creative inside.
Letting the boys run wild

Kylie enjoying the car seat (her second home)
I copied this idea from a friend and my boys loved it. Tape on the floor a perfect road for cars.

Me playing Cars with my boys (saxon taking the picture)
Saxon and his little baby sister who he loves to hold.

Saxon started a new preschool ran by one of my best friends Julie Beutler. She does such a great job and Saxon loves it. She had a little Christmas party for the kids. It was a lot of fun she showed us how they do circle time and what they have been learning. They had snacks, a Christmas program, and a gift exchange. It was amazing... it solidified my decision 100% (pulling Saxon out of his old preschool). 
Kids ready for their snack

The class singing Jingle Bells, we wish you a merry christmas, and one more song I can't remember. Saxon knew it all. 
Did I mention that Saxon now knows how to write his name all by himself and it has only been 3 weeks of her preschool.
  Visiting Santa... Almost didn't happen because the Rain came and never stopped. Luckily there was a tiny break in the rain and we bolted over to Fashion Island to visit him.
I love the Bob (my stroller) it fits all 4 kids.

Checking out the Elves

The huge Christmas Tree

Santa giving the boys their Books. Family picture with Santa will be posted shortly.