Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family Pictures

 I LOVE talented friends. I have a friend Michelle who is an AMAZING photographer. I grabbed her and booked a session before she got too crazy with the holidays. Here are my favorites enjoy. If you want some amazing pictures of your family go to to see her work and contact her.

the girls

The boys

Saw this on Pintrest and thought it was cute idea. Of course none of my kids would hold their letter correctly but I think the photo captures a true "FAMILY" picture.

Kylie is so cute here.

For sure the easiest picture to take!

Yes I really did jump that high... off the bench!

My favorite family picture

Captures their true personalities

Brotherly Love at it's finest.

Family hug

this was the last picture of the day... so glad we did it! I LOVE IT

Happy Halloween

 Happy Halloween! We started off our Halloween evening carving our pumpkins which is always fun!

Then we got dressed in our costumes and headed out to go trick or treating. We went to a neighborhood that seriously was like Disneyland with a little horror story twist. It was CRAZY crowded and I was scared the whole time I was going to loose a kid but it was cool to see a local neighborhood get crazy!

After we survived the madness we came back to our neighborhood and trick or treated. It was so fun. I love Halloween with little kids.

Then the kids favorite part.. going home and eating CANDY!

Then we said goodnight to our pumpkins and called it good. FUN TIMES

Friday, November 11, 2011

Trunk or Treat

 Our ward had a trunk or treat the Saturday before Halloween. We had so much fun. It was the first year that Micah and Dane really understood trick or treating. It was so cute to see all the boys so excited! And of course... it was so fun to FINALLY dress a little girl for Halloween. This was Kylie's first halloween and she was so cute as a little bee.

April came with her friend Chris.. my boys were so afraid of the Gorilla Man.
 In fact... the next day when their candy had disappeared Micah immediately said "the Gorilla man took my candy". It was so funny!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saxon's Preschool Halloween party

 Saxon had a great Halloween party at his preschool. They all dressed up and had a parade and went trick or treating, they sang songs and had a lot of fun. I am really loving his preschool this year. The teachers are doing a great job and he loves all his friends in class.

 These are some of his best friends in class.

Micah's Preschool Halloween Party

 Micah had so much fun at his Preschool Halloween Party
Micah and Ms. Cindy
They decorated pumpkins
 They played
 They went on a little parade around the school
 and they had fun with their class