Sunday, October 24, 2010

The dreaded hair cuts.

A good hair cut for thin, super blond hair is pretty much impossible. I have tried almost every place in HB and still can't find the prefect place. So it is really hard for me to get my boys hair cut. However, the other day I found a baby picture of me that looks exactly like Dane.. the hair and all. That was the final straw the boy needed a hair cut. So he got one. The bangs are a little too short but he is still super handsome.

Gotta love them Apples

Apple picking for the first time... This year I decided to go with my friends to an apple orchard and pick apples. It was such a fall activity... too bad it was like 100 degrees outside. But it was still a lot of fun.
You start off buying a paper bag for $7. Then you walk to the apples..

You start picking the apples... Dane wanted to sample one to make sure they were good. He was still trying to decide..

We were having so much fun filling up the bag...

 Until "the bag" became an issue... who is going to hold "the bag"?
 The fight over "the bag"
Saxon being a nice brother letting Micah hold the bag... ahhh once again peace.

Everyone enjoying the apples

Until I had to take "the Bag"... and the tantrum began... and actually lasted an unusually long time.
Saxon, Dane, and I had fun taking pictures until Micah calmed down... here is Saxon's picture of me while Micah is melting down.
 Despite the fights, tantrums, and crazy heat... it actually was a fun fall activity.

My 3 favorite things

 This past week I have been getting these great txt from friends. Monday night I got a txt from my friend Kristin that the whole GAP store was 40% off. So i rushed over there for some great deals. The next day I got txt from my friend Jen saying that Golden Spoon was giving away free mini's so the whole family rushed over there. You got to love it.

 My 3 favorite things all combined in one event: My family, free things, and Golden Spoon.

October Fun

Another reason to love October is the fun events going on. On Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch at the Irvine Park. It was so fun.

The pumpkins were there to sit on... ha ha.. so maybe you are suppose to buy them but they are way to expensive there.

The free hay maze.. which was perfect size for these guys.

 We went through a haunted house which was also free.. but no pictures were taken. the boys were pretty freaked out.

We then stopped at the zoo there. We saw the animals.

Plus some decorations throughout the zoo which I think my boys liked even better.

Then we ended the day at the petting zoo, which was the best.
Dane walking around the zoo

Micah hugging every goat he could

Saxon combing the hair of the goats

Micah continuing to hug every goat he could

Saxon and Micah grooming the goat

Dane and Tad grooming the goats

October heat!

I think every October I say the same thing but I love October. There is usually this crazy heat wave that makes me so happy. It means more time in the pool, which i love. I get to jump in the pool with the boys and work on their skills.
The end result of this years swimming:
Saxon: Freestyle with breathing to the side, learning the backstroke, diving off the side and the newest trick a flip off the side.

Micah: Swimming finally getting his arms out of the water, breathing by lifting up his head, jumping in the deep end and swimming to the side, and swimming the width of the pool with no problem.

Dane: swimming from the step to me with little arms and little kicks, loving supported back floats, and getting toys from the step by himself.

Here are some pictures of the little fish:
The boys and their cousins swimming




Sometimes it is just so hard to get out of the pool...
Nap time in the pool...

Eating in the pool..
 And yes I am in the pool as well... here is Saxon's first official photo he took on the blog. I think it is pretty good for a 3 year old.

Nap time

Oh the sad days of giving up naps. Saxon has officially given up his nap... but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have rest time. So everyday he chooses some toys and things to do to keep him occupied for a couple hours in his room while his brothers sleep. Most of the time he makes it through the couple of hours... this particular day he didn't. I laughed to hard when I found him.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturdays are Special days

 Saturdays have been so fun lately. Now that Tad is on his own in Real Estate he has been devoting his Saturday's to the family. We have been doing a lot of fun things together as a family and I am loving it.

The third Saturday of each month there are free trains rides in Costa Mesa. We took our boys for the first time in September. It was so fun.
The Boys
The Train

After the train ride we went to the park and played.
Saxon and Tad hugging.

Dane excited about the ducks

Micah becoming one with the ducks.

Going banana's

Yes I am going banana's, Oh whoops I meant yes I am growing banana's. We have these great banana trees in our backyard. The only problem is the banana's usually don't make it. This year they did! They are super yummy and perfect size for kids. My kids lived on them the whole month of September.

Meet the newest member of our family!

 So did I scare you... No I haven't had my baby yet. But we did get a fish! The other day I took the boys to a fish store ( my super cheap way of taking them to the "aquarium"). They loved all fish and were so excited, I just had to break down and buy the 2 dollar beta fish for them.

Saxon is really creative and names all of his toys. He comes up with names like roso and vaca and all sorts of fun  unusual names. So I thought he should name this fish. Well of course, he decides to name the fish Stinkwink. Haha, I guess that is what you get for letting a 3 year old name their fish.

So meet Stinkwink, the Baltzer's boys official first pet. They love him.