Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mini Heath Ledger

My cousin brought to my attention that Micah looks like Heath Ledger... I think that she is right.

The Day's in May

Oh how I love catching up......
These are a few of my favorite May day's....
1. Amber's Swim School started ok so I don't love this day. I love running my swim school and i feel like it really is the best swim school in Huntington Beach... However, it is in my backyard (you know the place where my kids live). So that means everyday I need to get my kids up, feed, dressed, clean the house, pack a lunch, and get out of the house by 10 am. Sometimes (especially when you are pregnant and sick) you just don't feel like doing that. But I do. Every year I say I just can't run this swim school any longer, and every year I do it.... because I really do secretly love my own little swim school. Plus my kids get the best teachers in town!

Maddy teaching Micah

Brooke teaching Saxon

#2. Super warm swimming pool time begins. Which means we jump in the pool anytime we can. You have to love that!

#3 WuHOO! Dane starts walking!!!! after 15 months of cruising along.. Dane decided to walk.

Such a big boy!

#4 Saxon's playgroup ends... sad day. He started playgrouping (not really a word) before he turned 1. He created such great friendships, learned so much, and really grew from a baby to a toddler to a little boy. Next year is preschool and on to new adventures!
Some of the kids are just so devastated about the end!

 #5 Do you know the way to San Jose??? I do. Yep.. whenever I need to get out of town that is where we are heading to. After a couple of weeks of Swim lessons in my backyard... i need to get out of town. So we went up to gigi's house and have such a fun time.
 First stop... The Childrens Museum to express their creative side

 Second stop .... Happy Hallow... to express their daring wild sides on all the rides.

 Third Stop... back home. It was such a fun trip full of fun but it was way too short.
#6 Sunshine came and went in May. But we were able to squeeze a some beach days in before the sun left.
I don't love this picture but who really has time to take pictures when you are chasing 3 boys around.

#7 Playing in the backyard... oh whoops that is something that i give up until August 18th. How did i ever survive? They do however get to play before 10 and after 4 and they take full advantage of that time.
Saxon the rock star on the razor scooter.. he has mad skills
Micah the rock star on the skeeter... he is so coordinated.
If any of you are wondering about little Dane.. He is a rockstar on sleeping and skips out on most of the outside time since we have to wake him up to leave the house around 10 in the morning. You have gotta love that!
#8. Grandpa and Grandma Baltzer came to visit. It was so fun hanging with Tad's parents. we had a blast swimming and playing with them.
Gotta love May! ... now onto June