Sunday, January 17, 2010

December fun!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I love Christmas time and all the fun times that we have...

Disneyland is so great with all the decorations, lights, snow, santa and his reindeers.

Christmas decorations at our house served more as toys and entertainment then as decorations. I could be upset about them pulling them off the tree and messing up the house but how can i with these cute little faces!

There is nothing cuter then little boys in their sleepers.

The holidays can be fun but very is a picture of Saxon he fell asleep coloring

One of our family traditions is to go to the boat parade.

Our really good friends Erika and Mason came down with their two little girls and hung out for a day. We went with them to see a neighborhood that goes crazy with lights. It was so fun hanging with them!

And of course the best things about the holidays is how you get to hang with the family. Here is Micah and his cousin Breydon hanging out.

Thanksgiving time

For thanksgiving this year we went to Tad's brothers house. It was so much fun hanging with the family. Here are some pictures of the fun times.

Eating the yummy food!

We had fun playing at the great parks in Las Veags.

We were able to celebrate Drakes birthday which was really fun.

San Jose trip

Right before thanksgiving one of my best friends growing up got married. So I took all the boys up to San Jose for the big event.

We had a ton of fun at my parents house.

Saxon found a buddy he did everything with (so cute).

I got to hang with some of my best friends

Of course we spent a ton of time on the ATV my boys are obsessed with it.

We got to just hang out together!

Got to jump on the trampoline (how much do i wish i had a trampoline) I love that thing!

Here is the pictures of Heather and Valentino's big day at the Oakland temple. It was so great to be there. they are so cute and happy together! It was also really fun to be with almost all my best friends growing up.