Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Micah!!

August 5th Micah turned 1!! Can you believe it, seriously where does the time go?? We started the big celebration at the end of the family reunion in San Jose. We made some cupcakes and sang the famous gustavson birthday song. Micah wasn't sure about the cupcake but he enjoyed picking at it.

Then on the real birthday we started off the celebration with giving him is very own buggy. He loves Saxons and they always fight over it so now he has his very own.

That night we invited friends and family over to celebrate the big day by doing what Micah loves the most, swimming. He then got a second shot at eating the cupcakes but he still wasn't that into it. He did however love sharing it with his friend Corban.

It was a great day. Micah is such a busy little boy with such a sweet heart. We love him so much and are so grateful that he is in our family.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Every year my Dad's family gets together for a fun family reunion. This year we had it at my parents house in San Jose. I was getting so sick of the heat in Huntington Beach and the fact that my pool was being used for my swim school I decided to be brave and drive up to San Jose with the boys alone. The drive actually went pretty smoothly. When we got up there we got to enjoy San Jose for a couple of days before the family reunion started.

We went to different parks around town. One of their favorites was a park that had this fun water feature. They had a blast hanging with their cousins at the park.

A couple of days later the family reunion started and it was so fun. Everyone came except my Uncle Johns family and my brother and family (which was sad, we missed all of them).

Even though the family reunion was only at my parents house I loved it.

My aunt and mom put together a fun carnival where our family was divided and we competed in various activities (there is nothing better then a little family competition)

We started off with a little cheer competition (now you know where I get my craziness from)

then to shoot the ball off the bottle

blow potatoes at the target

Fishing for toys

Water balloon toss

We had cotton candy machine, were you could make your own cotton candy.

There was a bounce house which is always a hit.



riding bikes

And most importantly hanging with the fam..

Grandma and Grandpa Baltzer come to visit

In the Middle of July we had so much fun with Tad's parents. They came down for a couple days and the kids loved playing with their grandma and grandpa.

We were able to go to the beach, go swimming, and just have fun. It was such a good time.

The 4th of July

The 4th is such a great time here in Huntington Beach. There is always so much going on. This 4th our family had a blast.

That morning we celebrating our cousins Maddox's birthday. Giff and Jenna cam to hang with us friday night and Saturday morning. It was so fun seeing them again, they are the best. Here is Maddox with his special birthday treat.

Here are all the boys together. Maddox fits in perfectly!

Giff and Jenna had to meet up with their family so we decided to go and ride our bikes down to the beach. Tad had all the boys on one bike, pretty amazing!

When we got there it was soo soo cold so after about 15 minutes we decided to ride our bikes back home. We did manage to get a couple of pictures on the beach.

When we got home we had a great time swimming in our warm pool and taking pictures under water.

After nap time we got the kids ready and went downtown to the watch the fireworks on the beach. All the boys loved them. Saxon kept on saying "oh wow" "so big" Micah and Dane were just in awe.