Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday April

I have been meaning to post this forever but my life is pretty crazy! So Happy Belated Birthday April. I wanted to give you a shout and tell you how amazing you are. You are such a great friend, an amazing sister and the best aunt ever. Thanks for being who you are! I hope you had a great birthday.

The best week ever!

The beginning of march was so amazing. I had one of the best weeks ever. Here is a little over few of what my week looked like.

Monday: 3/2
My good friend Caira came and visited and we had a good time catching up. I forgot to take a picture!

Tuesday: 3/3
My birthday!!! Disneyland of course! There is a great deal where you can go for free on your birthday so we went and I applied that ticket to a new annual pass. My mom came the night before so she could go with me. It was so much fun with all the little boys and my mom. Then that night Tad and I got to go out kid free to a super nice place called Mastros. It was so good.

Wednesday: 3/4
We went to the OC court house and officially adopted Micah! Such an amazing day for our family. We are so excited to have Micah in our family he is such a sweetheart and I couldn't imagine our family without him.

We had this same judge with Saxon!

Thursday: 3/5
The day before I went to the doctors for the 6 week check up and got the ok to exercise! So Tad took the day off so I could go snowboarding and he and his parents could watch the boys. I went with my Mom and April up to Big bear. The snow wasn't amazing but there was no one there!!!! We went on so many runs that by 1:30 I was completely exhausted.

This is me falling trying to stop to take the picture!

Here are a couple pictures of the boys with Grandma and Grandpa Baltzer

Friday: 3/6
The family went downtown to enjoy the sunshine and go to the farmers market.

Then I went to check out the pictures of Micah and Dane that were taken a week before. I loved them!

Sat 3/6
The Best Day Ever! We are able to go to the Newport Beach Temple and get sealed to Micah for time and all eternity. I am grateful for temples and that families can be together forever. I am also so grateful for all the support and love you guys have given me and my family.

Sunday 3/7
Tad was able to give Micah and Dane their blessings at church. After church we did a little photo shoot with the boys in our kitchen.

I am so grateful for all my blessings in my life, but I am especially grateful for my three little miracle boys.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Precious Moments

What more can I say! Tad and Dane snoozing Feb 24th 2009. I love these moments.

A Day at the Park

So I often blog on big events like holidays but I rarely capture just a typical day for us. So here is a typical day at a fun park in Huntington Beach Feb 23rd 2009.

I load Micah and Dane up in the stoller.

Saxon grabs his bike.

Micah Sits and Smiles.

Dane Sleeps.

Saxon cruises over to check out the ducks in the water.

Micah cracks up at his brother.

Dane sleeps.

Saxon then discovers a puddle and goes and plays in it.

Micah sits and smiles.

Dane is still sleeping.

Saxon gets back on his bike ans says "watch this mom watch this" then takes off super fast around a corner and wipes out!

Then he gets back on his bike with a huge grin on his face because he just did a really "cool trick"!

We continue to play until hunger sets in and craziness begins!