Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This christmas season was super fun. My family came down and rented a house in Newport. It was a lot of fun. Here are some highlights of the week.

My mom bought a bunch of stuff for the grandkids to make gingerbread houses. They all had a fun time. Luke and Livi actually got the idea. Saxon loved eating the junk food and Micah just enjoyed watching everyone.

We then went that evening and picked out a tree from the good old home depot.

The next night we went to Balboa island and looked at the lights. It was really fun. Tad and I decided that would be a new family tradition.

Then on Christmas eve we went to see santa clause before he took off for his travels around the world. As you can tell Santa was a little tired and not as jolly as usual. It was still really fun to go see him. Then afterwards we went on the carousal.

Then the big day arrived and we had a great day celebrating the birth of Christ and hanging with the family.

A tribute to a great friend.

One of my best friends that I have is Brooke. She deserves the greatest friend award. We have been best friends since age three and have had a ton of fun growing up together. Well when she found out that I was on bed rest last month and that my mom was going to leave she jumped on the plane with her little boy and helped me all week long. Amazing! I had so much fun having her there and I could not have survived with out her. I wanted to thank her and make sure that I documented what a great friend she is.

Micah and Stone playing

Stone chilling in the pool

Brooke and stone swimming

The Monkey is out of his cage

So just when I think that I have everything in control, Saxon learns to climb out of the crib. It took a little practice but he now knows how to get back into the crib to sleep when he is tired. There is some pros and cons to this new talent of his. A Pro is I put him in his room around 1:30 and he plays in his room for about an 1 hour then sleeps for about 3 so I don't see him again until around 5:30. A great little break for me. A con he gets into everything that is in his room and I never know what he is up to. I do however love going into to his room and see where he ended up sleeping that day.

Here is a picture of him a week before Christmas as he is sleeping right by the door.