Sunday, November 22, 2009


Halloween is so fun with little kids. They are so cute in there costumes and there is always so much to do. This halloween was really fun. My parents, Luke, and Livi came down for the big day and we met up with my sister April and brother Jason and his family. We went to the irvine park and hung out there for a while. Then we came back and went downtown and went on the one bounce house slide (usually they have a ton of things to do, not this year. sad.) After Saxon, luke, and Livi went down the slide about 150 times they were over it so we went home and got ready for trick or treating. We went around our neighborhood. They lasted about 10 houses and then they were ready to be done for the day. It was such a fun day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feeling Hot hot hot!!

The month of October was really a hot one!! And for most people they get bummed because they love the change of season..... for me it is a different story. I live in Southern California because we don't have a change of seasons. I love it. I love the warmth all year. Here are some of the benefits of having such a hot October..

1. Banana's!!! Every year our banana tree starts producing banana's but then the weather gets too cold and it kills the bananas. Not this year. Yeah we got tons of little apple bananas they were so good and so fun to eat! We all loved them.

2. The beach trips didn't end. I was able to squeeze in a couple more beach days which is always fun.

Curren went with us to the beach one day and I loved that he is running around with a bucket on his head. I had to take a picture!

3. Playing in the water at Disneyland. My boys loved playing and getting soaked in the water it is just pure entertainment. Then of course just being at disneyland and doing all the other fun stuff is a blast, as well.

I love that saxon is so happy to take a picture with me! Haha

4. Going on the hot air balloon in Irvine. We have tried to go before on the air balloon but it was too windy but since it was so hot and no wind we were able to do it. Honestly I don't know what is wrong with me... I love thrill rides and not usually afraid of heights but that day I was totally scared. It might have to do with being so top heavy with two kids in my arms??

5. Going to tanaka farms and sweating like crazy...ok well maybe that is not a benefit of the heat. However, going to tanaka farms was really fun and i think i lost 5 pounds of sweat that day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Trip to Utah

In the Beginning of October our family took our official first flight as a family of five to Utah. We survived the flight.. and I think will stick to driving for a little while. Once we got there it was a great trip. We hung out in Provo for the first day.

We explored the dinosaur museum on the BYU campus..

We hung out at the park, ate yummy lunch, and played with the cousins..

We took pictures as a family (goooooo Cougars)...

We went to the legacy tent and ate some amazing food and got pumped for the big game..

We took no pictures at the game because we were wrestling kids the whole time but the game was still really fun.

The next day we headed up to SLC. We went to thanksgiving point and had such a blast. We went with my whole family and we met up with Tad's parents and our good friends the Dixons. It was such a fun day.

We jumped on these huge pillow pads which were so much fun...

We shot pumpkins at cars...

We drove little cars around a track...

We rode a train around the corn maze...

We looked at all the pumpkins.... ( i love how they are trying to look like tough guys for their girlfriend Sienna!)

We went down the slides...

We sat on a huge rocking chair...

And we even attempted to take another family picture which for sure did not turn out!!

After such a fun day the guys went to priesthood session and we went back to the hotel. Tad and I were able to sneak over to Brooke's house and see her for about an hour. It was really fun to catch up with them even though it was so short.

On Sunday we were able to go to the second session of conference which was so amazing. This was such a fun trip! Loved every minute of Utah... could pass on the flights there and back!!!