Sunday, October 26, 2008

Life is good!

My life has been busy but it has been good. I am having a great time being a mom of two boys. Here is a few things that have made my life good this last month!

Living so close to disneyland.

This last month I have been able to go to D-land 3 times. One time with the whole family, one time with Debbie and her family, and one time with Nash and his family. All the visits have been really fun and I love getting out and doing something different.

The whole family at disneyland (yes saxon has no pants on, he got so scared on pirates that he peed his pants!)

The cousins at disneyland

Cooking group.

Some of my friends and I have started this group where we make meals for each other during the week. It has been amazing and has made my life 100 times easier. I only have to make dinner on monday and the rest of the week is taken care of. It saves so much time on dishes, shopping, and cooking. I don't think I can ever go back to cooking every night.


Another life saver. We have started back up our playgroup and we have it twice a week now. It is so great to be able to go to the store and get things done with only Micah. It is also great to have Saxon play with great friends and have a fun time.


This last month we have been able to have Jule and her family come down, Nash and his family and Tauna and Breydon. It has been so fun to see all the cousins playing and spending time together. Saxon and Micah love their cousins and Saxon talks about them all the time. I am so glad that they can grow up close to his cousins.


Micah has started sleeping through the night. It is amazing the difference a great night rest makes. Saxon is also sleeping like a champ during nap time and night time. I feel like I have so much energy and it makes me so much happier and I have a ton more patience.

Saxon has always had a great smile that makes me always smile and now Micah is taking after his brother. Micah started smiling around 6 weeks and now is always smiling. I love it!

Great weather

The weather has been great here in So Cal and we have been taking full advantage of it. We have been swimming almost everyday and we have been going to the beach at least once a week.