Sunday, July 13, 2008

You know you have missed me!!!!

OK no excuses I am just slacking but here is my usual crazy update of the last two months.

1. Memorial Day Tad and I and a bunch of our friends participated in a triathlon it was so fun and very addicting. I want to do as many as I can. It was fun to work out with a purpose and to not be burned out on just one kind of exercise.

#2 Summer is officially here and that means beach days everyday!

#3 Summer is here so that means Disneyland passes are blocked so we had to go one last time. We went with Jamie and Kaitlyn and it was so fun. We went on a ton of rides and in fact Saxon was able to trick his way onto the Matterhorn for the first time. It was so funny I was about to pee my pants on the ride. As you can see he is a little short for the ride but you will have to talk to me to find out how we pulled that one off!

#4 What is summer without a baseball game? We went to Mormon night at the Angels Stadium. It was super boring game and the Angels lost, but at least we were sitting with a bunch of friends.

#5 June 21st I had the big 10 year high school reunion. It was really small and no one really went but it was really fun to see the people that did go and I am so glad that I went. While we were up in San Jose I also got to see almost all of my best friends from High school which was (like always) so fun. I got to meet little stone for the first time. He is so stinking cute and such a good baby. I wish Saxon and Stone could grow up together!

#6 The day after I got home from San Jose I left for girls camp. My in-laws were so super nice and came and watched Saxon for 5 days while I went to girls camp. Girls camp was super fun I was in charge of the six years so that is always fun but exhausting. I got pretty much no sleep considering that I shared a cabin with eighteen 16 year old girls. It took me about a week to recover from that crazy week.

#7 When I got home from Girls Camp we got to hang with our cousins Jenna and Maddox. It was so fun. Saxon and I went down to the beach with them and then hung out in the pool. I also wish that Saxon could grow up with Maddox. He is such a a rad kid they would have so much fun together.

#8 Happy 32nd birthday Tad! I love you! For Tad's birthday it was pretty mellow. We went out to breakfast as a family, he went to work, and then we went to the cheesecake factory for dinner with Johnny and Julie. It was fun. I can't believe that I married to such an old guy!! Just kidding!

#9 Happy 4th of July!! I love the 4th in HB. There is so much going on there and we always have a fun time. We started off the day riding our bikes down to main street to watch the parade. We meet up the Barnes Family and they had saved us some amazing seats. Saxon loved the parade he sat and watch the parade for a good hour and if you know Saxon that is pretty much a modern day miracle that he sat for that long. We then rode home took a nap and then had a bunch of friends over for a little swim/BBQ party. We all then went down and watch the amazing firework show! So much fun.

#10 To top off the great couple of months Julie, April, and I went and rocked out at the american idol concert. It was amazing!!! Everyone was amazing and I could not get enough of the music.

Well I would like to promise that I will update my blog more but you all know me to well. I am in Hawaii right now so I will have some great pictures from our trip.