Sunday, May 11, 2008

Benefits of Serving in YW.

So I have been the laurel advisor for about 6 years now (3 years before hawaii and 3 years after hawaii) and I still am such a fan of the calling. I really can't think of a better way to spend your third hour of church and your wednesday night. I love the young women they are amazingly spiritual and have great attitudes about life. I just wanted to share some top reasons why I love being a Laurel Advisor.

#1 You get to go on adventures!! I love adventures and being in the YW you have the opportunity to go on some fun trips with some great people! The end of March we went on a canoe trip on the colorado river. It was a great adventure and it continually reminded me of how beautiful this world really is.

We had such a fun time canoeing down the river exploring the caves and valleys along the way. All the girls had such great attitudes and we all had a blast.

We hiked through they canyons of rocks and followed the stream of hot water until we got to the hot springs

We enjoyed relaxing in the hot springs after a long hike.

We loved jumping off the cliffs into the freezing water!

We especially loved the beautiful river as we canoed down it!

#2 You get to relive your days in Young Womens.

When I was in young womens my best friends and I would always dress up as the Jackson 5. We would do dances for the talent shows and dress up for Halloween. It was so much fun. So this last month our ward had a talent show and of course I had to get some YW leaders together and some girls and bust out the jackson five again. I loved it. During the dance I could not stop laughing because one my wig was kicked off by my friend and two because I was totally having flash backs!

Here is a pictures of us after the performance. Of course our wigs are falling apart because we had to much fun on the stage.

#3 You get to go to Girls Camp!!

Who does not love girls camp?? I love it, it is so much fun. A bunch of girls dirty and grungy all week bonding and being spiritually uplifted. You got to love it. I am going again to girls camp this summer and I am super excited about it. I started going to girls camp at the age of 12 and I am 28 now and I think I have only missed 3 or 4 summers of girls camp. That means I have been to girls camp for 13 years. That has to be some kind of record.

Here are some pictures of the last girls camp I went to. And yes, those are boy underwear we are wearing. We are suppose to be super heros!!

#4 And of course my most favorite reason why I love serving in YW is you are constantly reminded how much our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know us and love us. I was going over the young womens general conferences talks the other week and I read Pres. Eyring's talk and I was really touched by his message of love, faith, and hope.

"For each of us, life is a journey. Heavenly Father designed it for us out of love."

"It is by faith that you can lay hold upon every good thing. I pray with all my heart that your faith will be increased that you are a daughter of a loving God. I testify to you that you have been one of the valiant ones to reach the point where you now are in this journey of life. Just as you are marked as a target by the enemy of righteousness, you have been protected and watched over by your Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. They know you."

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Beach Days Continue!

We are loving the warm water and the fun times at the beach the past two saturdays we have spent hanging out on the warm sand and soaking in the sun. So much fun.

Here is a picture of Saxon and me at HB. 

Last weekend we went with a bunch if friends down to San O. We surfed, ate, and played.

Here is a picture of Saxon and his friend chilling on the chairs enjoying their food and drinks.

The family at the beach. Don't mind the crazy hair we both had gone surfing before the picture.
Tad and Saxon at the beach!

Water Babies

I love to see how kids grow. Here is a picture of Saxon and Maile at 3 months.

Here is a picture of them swimming at 15 months. They are so cute!

Here are some fun pictures of our family swimming. I love our under water camera.

Disneyland Days

I have such a fun time taking Saxon to disneyland we go a ton here are some pictures of the recent trips.

Jackie came to visit from Hawaii and we had a blast going to d-land with her. I love this picture of them. They look like twins!

Here is a picture of Saxon with my friend Amber and her boy on the dumbo ride!