Sunday, March 23, 2008

Highlights of the last month!

#1 Playing with Saxon on the beach in the beginning of Feb., while Tad surfs. I love living in HB!

#2 Going to Sea World with Saxon and all his buddies for only 6 dollars!

#3 Going to the Temple with my sister April for the first time. (this is a picture of April and her friend Julie who came down for the big event).

# 4 Celebrating Saxon's birthday again when my parents came down.

#5 Having Saxon's friends over to play. (this is Saxon's 2nd cousin and Saxon kicking it by the pool with their sippy cups)

#6 Going up to San Jose to see one of our really good friends (the friend that introduced Tad and I) get married! We are so happy for you Ryan and Tatiana!

#7 While in San Jose being able to visit my great friends Sharon and Erika and spending time with all their cute kids!

#8 Hanging out with Caira and the little buddy she nannies (or at least use to nanny)

#9 Swimming with Saxon at my parents house (inside and outside)

#10 Going with my Mom and Saxon to Happy Hallow.

#11 Leaving Saxon with my parents while Tad and I go to Hawaii with the Beutlers
Saxon and Papa

Saxon and Gigi

#12 Going to Hawaii!!!! One of the best trips ever. The waves were amazing, weather couldn't have been better, and we had tons of fun . Here are some pictures.

Jackie, Julie, and Me

Chris, Johnny, and Tad

All six of us at PCC ready to go to the temple

Visiting the temple.

Getting together with Tad's Uncle and Aunt who are serving a mission in Hawaii

Celebrating my 28th Birthday at my uncle gregs house with lots of friends and family.

Using my new water proof camera in the ocean.

Going Hiking

Me waiting for the boys to catch up to Julie and I

My cousin Ryan went with us hiking

The beautiful falls that we hiked to.

My soles of my shoes fell off while hiking.

After hiking we went and said hi my my sweet Grandma Smith

Horseback riding on my Grandpa's Ranch

A memorial for my Grandpa Smith

Julie and I riding leading the group

The four of us on top of the hill looking out at the beautiful island

Enjoying the beautiful island.

Hanging with my sister Jule and her family. We had so much fun going to the beach with them everyday

Surfing, Surfing, and Surfing. We surfed all day everyday while we were in Hawaii the waves were amazingly fun.

Tad and I

Johnny B. at rocky point

Chris at rocky point

Tad at rocky point

Of course there is no pictures of Julie and I surfing because the boys would never get out of the water to take the pictures.

The beautiful beach!

#13 Coming home and seeing my sweet little boy. When we got home I took him on his first bike ride. He liked it and we have been riding bikes tons ever since.

#14 Play group at my house. It was fun to see all the kids playing together. I love all the naked bodies while they eat.

#15 Easter egg hunt with Saxon and all his friends. It was so cute seeing all these tiny little kids opening the eggs and eating all the candy.

#16 Singing the Orange County Mormon Choir Organization. It was so fun we just had a concert on Friday and it was a great experience.
My friend Liz

My friend Emily

#17 Saxon being the cutest little boy on Easter Sunday