Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saxon's First Birthday

Happy Birthday to Saxon!!! I can't believe that he is a year and yet at the same time I can't believe that it has only been a year that he has been in our family. He is the greatest little boy. We love him so much and we are so grateful that he is in our family.

Saxon had a great birthday. He started off the day going to Disneyland. He meet up with a bunch of his friends and had a great time on all the rides. He then went home and had friends over for some pizza and cake.

Saxon enjoying looking at the castle.

Saxon on the carousel showing me how old he is.

Saxon learning how to drive! They grow up so quickly.

Saxon and friends at Disneyland.

Some of Saxons friends playing at his party.

Saxon and some of his friends eating Pizza!

Saxon after he enjoyed his first cake! Once again showing us how old he is.

Top 10 reasons why I have been such a slacker with my Blog.

1. What is a blog without pictures. Right after christmas Tad accidently threw our camera in the river and it broke. So it took me a while to buy a new camera.

2. No time. I have had a very busy last month. It seems like I have had no time to breathe. Tad and I wanted to get our taxes done early this year so we were working on that, plus I wanted to get organized for the year so I was doing the boring filing and shredding paper task.

3. Saxon turned 1. With Saxon turning one I wanted to make a little picture book of his first year and a movie of his first year. They both turned out really cute but it took along time.

4. Saxon decided to be weird about naps. This past month Saxon has decided that somedays he wants two naps and other days he doesn't want two. It has been very frustrating. I hope that I can get him back to his routine soon.

5. My computer has been so slow. When I did find time to blog I would try to add pictures and it would take an hour to upload one picture. I soon realized my internet was weird and I had to much stuff on my computer so I fixed them both.

6. All my nights are gone. I have joined a Choir group on thursday nights. It is really fun but that was my only free night so now I have to wait for Sundays to have freedom.

7. We are now approved to adopt again. Feb 2nd was the day Saxon was placed in our home so that was the day that we could be approved to adopt again. I therefore had to get everything ready for that. We are on the LDS adoption website again. I will post the site so you can check us out!

8. Until Saxon's birthday nothing really exciting has happened in our life! Don't worry Saxon's birthday is my next post!

9. Lets face it. I have never been that good about updating my blog!

10.I really can't come up with another valid excuse, only a apology for being a slacker and a goal to be better!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I love play groups.

So my friend Amber had the great idea that we should have a play group so that our kids can play and that we can have 2 hours to do things we have to do without our kids. I love it. Saxon has fun and I can get so many more things done in two hours without him. Here is some pictures of the little buddies.