Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I love surfing!

So about a month ago I got to know a girl in my ward (Autumn) who surfs. I was so excited because I had been looking for a surfing buddy. My sister surfs but works all day, my surfing buddy Julie B. moved down to San Clemente, Tad and I of course can't surf at the same time because of Saxon, and the rest of the surfers I know are guys. So to find another girl who surfs and has the same schedule as me has been so fun. She has a bunch of girlfriends that get together and surf. Most of them have kids so we all share a babysitter. We have gone a bunch of times since I met all of them and every time the waves have been great and we have had so much fun. I really am so glad that I have met all of them. It is so much better then surfing alone! I am now able to go surf at least 3 times a week. I love it!

Here is Tad surfing rocky point.

Here I am surfing Turtle Bay.

Here is April (my sister), Jason (my brother), me, and Tad surfing in Brazil!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Do you know the way to San Jose?

We went up to San Jose to go to my brothers open house. It was great. We were able to go up and see some of our best friends from Hawaii the Allreds and the Beesleys. Like Sharon mentioned, it would have been so rad to have the Brynne, Aaron, and Cade there. It was great to see all the little kids and of course to catch up with everyone.

Here is a picture of all us back together again. It is weird to think that when we were in Hawaii there was only 1 baby (Miya). Now there are 5 more of the little ones.

I love this picture with the little kids playing together.

Here is a picture of the newest little ones. They were I think 5 weeks old here and the best little babies ever. They just slept the whole time.


We have been going to Disneyland a lot. It has been so fun. Saxon is really loving the rides now that he is a little older.

We went during the week with some friends. Here is the picture of all the kids waiting while their moms went on Indiana Jones. You got to love being a Mom in Sounthern California!

We went with Pitts on a Friday night. We used the stroller passes so we didn't have to wait in lines! Here is the two Dads and their boys at Disneyland. It is too bad that Saxon is so white that he blends into the strollers background!

I love this picture. It looks like Saxon is going to throw up after the crazy ride. In reality, it was Tad who was about to throw up. He hates rides that go around and around.

It is fun to see Saxon grow up and be able to ride on his own horse or whale in this case!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween, for real this time!

We spent halloween with Jules kids. It was fun to see all of them dressed up. We went down to Main street and did all those fun activities (petting zoo, fun houses, slides, etc.) We then went around my neighborhood and went trick or treating.

Livi, Saxon, and Luke before the halloween events.

Saxon and me down on main street

Our vicious dragon

Carving Pumkins

Monday night we also had a fun time carving pumkins. Tad ended up having to go to a softball game before he could carve the pumkin so the Dixons and I had a fun time.

Our finished products.

Tad pretending like he had something to do with the carving of the pumkins

Our pumkins all lit up.

Pumkin Patch

On Monday night I took saxon to the pumkin patch. It was so fun. We met up with the Divis's and the Beutlers. Before this year I had not been to a pumkin patch in so many years. It is fun to have a kid so you have an excuse to do super random fun things again.

Here is Saxon in front of a sign that tells you how tall they are and the year. Every year you can take a picture in front of this sign and see how they are growing.

Saxon had so much fun on the trian with his friend Kaitlyn

Saxon went on the pony ride. It was so cute. He would hit the pony and then hold on for his life as the pony would fling his head back. My cowboy Grandpa would be so proud.

We tried to get a cute picture of the little ones but Saxon kept on wanting to eat the hay, maile was just wanting to kiss saxon and curren was loving throwing hay in Mailes hair. So much for the cute kid photo.