Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Saxon's favorite activities

These are things Saxon loves to do!

Hold his own bottle!

Play at the beach with friends

Swing at the park

Play in the exersaucer

Sit in the tent at the beach while Mom goes surfing. (don't worry Tauna is watching him)

Sitting and playing at our house


These past weeks have been filled with wedding events.

August 10th and 11th we went to my cousin Karls celebration of their wedding. It was really pretty. It was fun to play with the cousins.

This is Tad and I enjoying the great food at the reception.

Then my brother Jason came down with his girlfriend Tauna and he proposed to her! They are getting married Sept 22nd in the San Diego Temple!

This is Tauna, Saxon and Jason hanging out at Tauna's house for the celebration of their birthdays!

August 17th was our eighth year anniversary. We went out to the Ritz Carlton for dinner. It was so fun! I can't believe it has been 8 years! Time flys when you are in love!

My Golfing Kick!

I went to Boomers and went miniture golfing for mutual a couple weeks ago and ever since I have been addicted. I forgot how fun it is.

We went golfing with Brooke and Spencer the following week.

We then went the week after with Jason, Tauna, April and Brock.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Saxon Snoozing

Saxon feel asleep playing on the floor. So cute!

Angels Game

It was Mormon Night at the Angels game. It was fun to see so many people that we knew. Angels won.

Saxon's first Kiss from Maile Beulter.

The Fam.