Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Summer full of Beach Days

Summer time is all about the beach for our family! Even though we had a super busy summer it felt like 90% of the time we were playing at the beach. So fun we love it!!

Here are some of our favorite places to go.
Blackies... such a great beach for kids to surf since it is so small and mellow there.

Surfing with the Surf Mama's. We would meet up with these cute kids and many more to swap surfing and watching kids. So much fun for all of us.


Then the River Jetties.. We love this place. So many friends, good waves for the kids, and fun times.

At the end of the day we were so tired but always so happy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Micah

Happy Birthday Micah! We love our little Micah. He is my superstar and we were so excited to celebrate his birthday with him.

He woke up to a yummy birthday with everything he ever wanted.. pancakes, eggs, and bacon. He was so excited for this breakfast!

 Then we headed down to Oceanside to play at the beach with our cousins. Micah and the rest of us had a blast playing in the water and having fun with family.

  It was fun to catch up with Giff and Jenna and their cute little kids.

We got to go play a little golf and go in the hot tub. It was a day full of fun.

The next day we took Micah and he got a bunny! He was so excited for his little bunny. He named him Fuzzy,

He then got to go to the store and buy anything he would like to get from his grandparents. He decided to buy a lunch box and a backpack for school! So awesome for both of us.

Micah has been the "Micah Factor" for a while which has meant he does what he wants when he wants without any concerns for the rest of us. He has for sure kept that attitude up but it has changed into a complete strength. He is such a good boy and always wants to do what is right. He loves being active and is a champion in anything that he tries. He loves muscles. He knows how much protein and sugars are in any food you give him.. he loves protein and hates sugars (it kills his muscles). He is by  far the best at chores and even wants to do others chores. We are so grateful for Micah in our family he brings so much energy and happiness! We love you Micah.
You rock on with your sweater vest, pj pants, and church shoes.