Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Fun

Top 10 Fun Fall Events!

1) I got heart attacked! One evening I got a knock on the door and I opened it up to this amazing surprise. The YW had decorated my front door with all these hearts and left me a sweet message with a bunch of goodies. It was so great! I LOVED it!

 2) Luke Brown. The beginning of soccer season we were asked if we wanted to host a soccer coach from England. We had an extra bedroom so we said sure. It was suppose to be for a week and it ended up being for 6 weeks! Luke just became one of the family until he left to go back to England.

3) Fun events at school. My kids love to be involved in the school activities. Red ribbon week was a lot of fun for them. Love to support saying no to drugs!

dress like your friend day

The Fall Festival was another fun event my kids loved going to.

4) Kylie's playgroup. Love when these little girls come over and play.

5) Saxon's first school play. He did great.

 6) Gotta love the free food. A cupcake shop was opening up and they were handing out cupcakes. Yum!

Dress like a super hero and get free food at chick-fil-a. Yum

7) Primary Program. There is no better sacrament meeting in the year then when the children have their program. Love the spirit I feel as we hear the children bear their testimonies thru words and music.

Kids going to the primary practice
8) Girls Night Out. Love getting together with friends. We had a fun baby shower and at the shower Jen Call busted out her mad skills of predicting how many kids people will have and their genders. I took a picture of the results so we can compare over the years.

9) Fall beach days. I always say that fall is the best time to live in HB and it is always true. Amazing surf, beautiful weather, and beaches all to ourselves. 

10. Spending time with the family. Food, friends, beach, sports, school, nothing compares to being able to play with the family. Love the Fall Fun.